Top 5 PS2 Games That Should Come to the PS4 via Backwards Compatibility

"With Sony's US-focussed PlayStation Experience event this weekend, we're expecting a slew of announcements ranging from release dates of upcoming exclusives to new games. What we're also looking forward to is more information about backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 4. Although Sony has been clear on more than one occasion that PS3 games will not be playable on the PS4, the company has confirmed that you will be able to play PS2 games on its newest console."by Rishi Alwani

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Masterchief_thegoat3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

If i can't play ps2disc, on the ps4 idc

Dabigsiebowski3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I agree. The PS4 is completely capable of it but it seems Sony dropped the ball. I really wanted to have an official emulator to play my PS2 library on but I guess I can still settle with PCSX2. I'm not buying games again I already own.
And the term backwards compatability is just bull. It's not compatible with my discs so it really isn't.

ninsigma3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

It hasn't been announced whether it will or won't play ps2 discs. There was one opinion piece article where the crappy title made it sound as if that was the case but it's not.

Dabigsiebowski3143d ago

Well from the details from the Official twitter that leaked Dark Cloud made it pretty clear in the description that discs are not going to be supported. You are right that there hasn't been an official confirmation yet but I'm pretty sure it's what we expected now after the leak. I hope I'm wrong and just over reacting because then I'd be stoked but I'm pretty sure that's just fantasy.

ninsigma3143d ago

I didn't see the DC description. Maybe it wasn't the full description?? I don't know and my take on things is always wait for an official announcement. I think it will be digital only too tbh but again, I'll just wait. Hopefully we'll have some news about it tomorrow. I'd love for discs to be playable on ps4 because there won't be many that I'll buy again. And for the very few I do buy they damn well better be usable on systems after ps4.

Godchild10203143d ago


Here is the tweet from the dark cloud leak.

ninsigma3143d ago

Interesting. Thanks for the link. Not necessarily an indicator for diskless bc imo. It could be like a special version of the ps2 game that could release with dark cloud 3. Just gotta wait and see what Sony announce. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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jb2273142d ago

What difference would it make if the discs don't play natively? Isn't MS' BC set up where you have to download the games as well, from what I gathered, the discs don't actually play on the XBO there either.

iDadio3143d ago

Timesplitters and XIII I would want to play for nostalgia, the Timesplitters series owes me and some friends hundreds of hours of our lives.

Mr_Writer853143d ago

No, but this isn't BC it's emulation there is a difference.

BC would mean any PS2 game would work, much like how they did with early PS3's.

Or how the PS2 could play any PS1 game.

Emulation you have to add games, like the Vita that emulates PSOne games.

It seems people got a little ahead thinking its BC, when it is emulation.

ninsigma3143d ago

Does it matter that it's emulation instead of being done by hardware?? I mean, if it plays older games from the same family of consoles and allows you to enter the disc, it doesn't matter how it is achieved. It is backwards compatible on the grounds that it plays older playstation titles on the new machine.

However it is yet to be known whether it will allow the discs or not.

Mr_Writer853143d ago

Well it does when one plays the game as it is and the other upscales the game to 1080p, adds trophy support, and remote and share play support.

I'm sure if they wanted to they could make discs work they could but they wouldn't be able to add all (if any) of those features.

So it wouldn't make them a lot of money (developing this costs) I
mean say you don't own Dark Cloud, but want to, you buy a copy of eBay is cool, but how does Sony make money from that? How does a publisher?

And before anyone says "well MS.." MS are losing the their biggest markets in
the US and UK so drastic times call for drastic measures.

Anyone who truly believes that if MS was storming ahead they would be doing BC are kidding themselves, it's been possible since day one they just didn't want to do it, but as soon as they needed a PR boost out it roles and it's made out like it a miracle.

It's not.

Dabigsiebowski3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Yup so it's not true BC. It's just an emulator that plays digital games and that's all.

@Mr- well when sony announced it they used the term "backwards compatability" which obviously brought a ton of confusion and more or less way to good to be true.

Mr_Writer853143d ago

I read on IGN that current PS2 classics won't work and neither will discs which is disappointing.

But any way..

Champions of Norrath
The Getaway
Timesplitters Trilogy
Final Fantasy 12
The Warriors
Max Payne 1&2
GTA Trilogy


Champions of Norrath!! that would be incredible...also baldur's gate ''dark alliance''

Mr_Writer853142d ago

Me, my brother and 2 friends completed the first CON.

That's one good thing about having PS2 games added, more local co-op games!

MeteorPanda3143d ago

/sigh. l have an okami, shadow hearts and a few other games l know sony will never localize ...havnt paid too much attention but not being able to use discs is a bummer.

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M3talDiamond38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

No mention of fixing the audio issues the dialogue audio is too low this has been reported many times on social media the volume has to be turned up and music has to be lowered to hear the characters properly :(

Babadook736d ago

I have a question as someone who is considering buying the game soon. Is this a fixable issue? Can you just lower the volume for music and sound effects and keep dialog at default?

shadowT36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

yes, it is no issue at all. Just go into settings. Do you have already played the first Remake or the OG?

M3talDiamond36d ago

There are a few youtube videos and reddit tips with some tips on fixing the sound issues but sadly they didnt work for me

M3talDiamond36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

@Babadook7 There are a few videos on youtube with tips on how to fix the dialogue audio this but sadly they didnt work for me. There is an option to lower the music and sfx and keep the dialogue audio at 10 but you have to keep the volume up high (well for my TV I do) but when you are in battles and cutscenes the audio is higher so you have to adjust the audio again.
@shadowT The audio issues doesnt affect everyone there are some people on reddit complaining about the audio