Paying for content already on the disc, the EVIL side of the Xbox Live Marketplace!

We are actually paying for certain Xbox Live Content that we already own... The discovery that anything available for 108 KB is a "key" that unlocks content already on our game DVD. Check out the full listing of games that have this feature, in the article!

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power of Green 5258d ago

I knew it!, i always thought something was fishy with small downloads, i first started buggin on trail Arcade games, you know!, when you download the full game with the trail restraint on it then i started wondering about the games and how some of the Dev's actual capabilities and resources.

Dick Jones5257d ago

They know about this. Its bad enough we know they hold back content to sell later but to have the balls to actually put it on the disc you buy but can't use unless you pay more for a key. WOW Thats something I'd expect from Enron, maybe M$ is evil.

The Snake5257d ago

How are you going to blame MS for this. The vast majority of these games are third party, with the biggest perpetrator being EA. Something tells me that EA will do this on the PS network as well.

Dick Jones5257d ago

For one the games have to go through a Microsoft certification process. For two crap like this has to be discussed, documented and analyzed especially after hot coffee. Three Microsoft's own developer is a main culprit.

Juevani5258d ago

Interesting.. u know what ur name means in arabic?? zarba_5aswa = sh1t_balls, I swear..

5asawi5257d ago

yeah thats bs, this time they charge for online contents that u've already paid for, next time they'll charge you for everytime u push on your controller, lol...

DJ5257d ago

including the content that is put up. They're as much responsible as the companies that use these tactics. Hopefully Sony doesn't allow its developers to do the same.

Funky Town_TX5257d ago

Dude you try your best to put down M$. Bottom line read about the game and the features BEFORE YOU BUY and make the choice. I have not purchased a game that was imcomplete in my vision. BTW DJ, will Sony charge the JAP gamers to make motorstorm (JAP version) complete. A racing game without online is PS1 era right.

power of Green 5257d ago

$800 for a full games isn't exactlly being a Saint either i'll take the disc scams anyday over Sony's posible future "GT" practices.

MicroGamer5257d ago

I'm sure someone out there is working on a way to hack the content over a PC link possibly with a way to upload a hacked unlock codes from your PC to your 360 hard drive. Once the codes are had, all you really have to do is emulate the marketplace server on a PC and then redirect the 360 to your emulated marketplace IP address and then download the codes from the PC to unlock the content.

Rooted_Dust5257d ago

Yeah, and then they'll cancel your account.

MicroGamer5257d ago

Once the codes start getting spread around, you don't need an account anymore. If you're that worried about it, open a second account.

Rooted_Dust5257d ago (Edited 5257d ago )

I love how your trying to steal money away from your beloved MS. Would you pay for a second account? And pay 100 dollars a year for glorified Gamespy. PC wins again with free user generated content.

BlackCountryBob5257d ago

That's a really terrible thing to do! I cant blame M$ as they ain't doing it, they just host marketplace but maybe it is time to put in place some restrictions on what developers can sell and how much they can charge because if they don't the whole micro transaction experiment will fail even though it is, at least in theory, a good idea!

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The story is too old to be commented.