Bungie Teases New Halo Project Red vs. Blue Style

Bungie may be good at making Halo games, but they are also fairly good at teasing the living hell out of their fans. The latest example is a video which displays the voice of Luke Smith magically coming out of a blue Spartan, dropping hints of a new Halo project that Bungie is working on.

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DarkBlade3719d ago

I gotta hand it to bungie they work their asses off like a good devs. should. Give me all the disagrees you want but this is true. They are a great company and i would like to see what's their next ip (btw im not talking about the other halo)

Fishy Fingers3719d ago

If your excited by their next IP outside of the Halo franchise I think you'll have to hold that excitement for a considerable amount of time.

power of Green 3719d ago

How are you getting dissagree's?.

It will be interesting what the new IP's Bungie is working on will be like(they've said they are working on a new IP's)

CreativeDestruction3718d ago

Personally anything from Bungie would be nice, be it a new IP, a new Halo, or even a something to do with an older IP like Marathon (remake?) would be nice to hear, as long Microsoft doesn't can the announcment last second.

christopher64533719d ago

This video is old, and it has NOTHING to do with a new Halo game. Geez who approves these stories?

DarkBlade3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Well If you were smart you would listen to hints in the vid

Twilightx73719d ago

How is this old? This video is the acceptance speech of the award they won just yesterday. You fail. Try doing some research before you post.

iceice1233719d ago

This was released yesterday, I think there was already an article for it on here. Yes, here it is

Also it isn't a hint at a new game, this is something coming to Halo 3 next month, probably alongside AU2, or close to it.

GiantEnemyCrab3719d ago

Could the reason no Gears of War 2 at Leipzig is so Bungie can have the spotlight?

Something big is brewing.

Fishy Fingers3719d ago

Partly perhaps. More likely because the game wont release in Germany so why show it at a German Game Convention.

GiantEnemyCrab3719d ago

I know Germany has some strict rules on games but why would you assume it won't release in Germany? And the conference speaks to Europe it's not German focused.

power of Green 3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

One of these remaining gaming events will be dedicated to the new Halo game atleast, I have no idea if other Bungie games will appear with Halo or why GOW2 won't be shown at the German show.

4.2, maybe the sparks are too much lol(blood turned off).

Fishy Fingers3719d ago

Might have something to do with this quote from Mark Rein...

“Microsoft doesn’t show Gears 2 at Leipzig because they don’t sell the game in Germany,” http://www.videogaming247.c...

Evidence enough for you?

GiantEnemyCrab3718d ago

Thanks Fishy I didn't realize that. I know Gears 2 has options to completely remove blood and gore so I assumed it would be coming to Germany.

So yes, that is evidence enough for me. Doesn't change the fact that this high profile title won't be there so it is an opportunity to spotlight something else and I hope MS does that.

silverchode3718d ago

wasnt ms gana have a a show deticated to halo?

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dachiefsman3719d ago

I thought the character models looking a lot darker. So is this a new vid or not?

Fishy Fingers3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Well as they thank Edge for the award they gave to Bungie 2 days ago I assume yes, it's new.

Edit: NP bro.

dachiefsman3719d ago

thanks. I love the phantom disagree. I think I have a N4G stalker.

power of Green 3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

I have dozens of them that wait in 360 threads like leeches.

EDIT: Wrong, I don't look for trouble most of the time I stay in 360 threads simply commenting on the news or correcting missinformation. I don't look for trouble, I will give an strong opinion on BS news as I see it.

I look for trouble? lol, I get attacked in 360 threads, look 5 dissagree's for posting a link showing Bungie is working on new IP's, that is why I'm hunted that is your so called "looking for trouble".

dachiefsman3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

well i got into some rants with the ps3 crowd over their flaming of Too Human. Now every post no matter how random has a disagree.

I wish it showed he clicked disagree.

LOL POG you go looking for trouble, I don't unless its just so blatantly stupid. Most of the time I avoid it cause its like trying to talk to a newborn about Quantum Theories, it doesn't work.

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