Bungie Weekly Update - 12/03/2015

This week at Bungie we’re talking about Titans.

Welcome to December! As the air grows colder and the mood turns festive, we’re in the toy shop working on another game update. Our current plan is to deploy the latest packages to you as soon as next week. The thing about plans is that they can change, so the exact day is up to the smart people who get to push the big red button. Stay tuned for more specific dates and times.

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altimako021232d ago

i stopped playing destiny because most of my friends stopped playing and now i dont have enough people online to do raids and even just the nightfall. so when bungie decides to make matchmaking i might come back. and yes i know destinylfg but i think a game is about fun not work.

Raziology1232d ago

Are you playing it on the PS4? If yes, I'll send you my PSN username to your inbox so we could play together sometime.

Joe9131228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I had exact same problem I have PS4 so I joined a community now it's a lot easier to get people to play without having to go online. But I agree matchmaking is definitely needed the reasons they give for not adding it is such bull even with finding people via community you still get people who will quit.