Just Cause 3 Review for Consoles - IGN

When the action gets hot, the PS4 and Xbox One can't deliver the performance Just Cause 3 needs to be fun.

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htogaming2022d ago

Not even IGN likes the loading. I guess IGN was not paid to like this game!

PeaSFor2022d ago

im just gonna add that they gave 9 out of 10 to Evolve...

o2a12022d ago

"You cant spell IGNorant without IGN or You cant spell IGN without IGNorant" - some guy on the internet

DarkOcelet2022d ago

They gave Battlefront an 8/10

Grap2022d ago

"Repetitive liberations"
lol and they gave MGSV 10/10 lol.

freshslicepizza2022d ago

weird review since they gave the pc version an 8 and it too has technical problems. the frame rate and loading on the consoles must have been too much for them.


I'll admit I have not been following IGN for years now, but since when they started to make platform distinction in reviews? Not a rant, I think it's actually a good idea, but I hope they are making (or had made?) this a standard, not just a move to save face after giving a broken game an 8 score on a review with no platform specifics (as far as I remember the headline here on N4G didn't mention PC, it's not like I'm reading IGN)... Ok, that was kinda ranty.

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jb2272022d ago

Pretty weird that technical performance matters all of the sudden, when they gave AC Unity high marks in its broken state & Halo MCC high marks when the mp wasn't functional for 6 months. I reckon this is a reaction to all the flak they received for those reviews, but it's too little too late unless they consistently base their scores off of performance from here on out....doubtful really. An outlet that size needs some kind of consistency, either you aren't marking off for technical issues or you are, can't have it both ways.

garrettbobbyferguson2021d ago

Dan Stapleton is the one reviewing it. I suggest avoiding his reviews as he cannot hold a consistent ideal from game to game. See: his fallout 4 review.

jcc7372022d ago

I have it on a console and I haven't had any trouble with it???

suli55952022d ago

Loading? Seriously did you even update the game??? Loading is almost instant! But yeah performance does drop a bit but this game is an 8/10 at least

Rarefaction2022d ago

Seems pointless to get a shameful pc fanboy to do a console review.

One-Shot2022d ago

Um they don't get paid for any reviews, don't act like a child.

assdan2022d ago

Give me evidence that reviewers are paid. What company would pay for an 8/10 review? Because as of right now, the majority of games are getting grades in the 7-8 range. On top of that. People need to stop looking at reviews as scales based out of 10, despite that what they say. A 10 is a masterpiece, 9 is amazing, 8 is good, 7 is ok, 6 is bad. Anytime a game gets below a 6, they're trying to make an example of it. That's clearly the system at this point. It's a system out of 5, that they add 5 to for no real reason.

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-Foxtrot2022d ago

Yet AC Unity, Battlefront 4 and some others got more or less a free pass

Oh and repetitive? Where was that in the MGSV review, the worst offender

Gaming4Life19812022d ago

Star wars got a pass for being star wars and everyone knows dice will give great expansions. Mgs v got a pass because its Mgs and that is all. I am not saying that battlefront or Mgs v are bad games but the same things other games get bad mouthed on these games got passes.

I wanted to try just cause 3 and I still might buy it on pc because cd keys has it for 30 bucks. But this game looks like it will be fun for like 3 hours then boring as hell. I have never played just cause but I doubt this game is a 5.9.

Scatpants2022d ago

I have it and it is far better than a 5.9. It may have some framerate issues and the loading times suck, but it still is really fun. I'd give it a 7.5. I'm hoping the load times improve with updates.

2022d ago
DC7772022d ago

Up to 4 minute loading times? Wtf...

nucky642022d ago

that's hard to imagine!

Plagasx2022d ago

Yea its pretty long on SSD on PC...I can only imagine the pain on consoles... O_O

Servbot412022d ago

I've had a 6 minute loading screen when trying to retry a time trial.

TheSaint2022d ago

It's not that bad, I've been playing it for a few days now on PS4 and I've never had to wait even close to that long.

Sure they're not quick by any stretch, but they are not that bad either.

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TheJacksonRGN2022d ago

Probably not even the same reviewer. Also different games promising different experiences. That's all.

ABizzel12022d ago

No, but it is the very same reviewer gave the Fallout 4 review a pass disregarding its bugs, but condemns Just Cause 3 for bugs, because "it's an action game, and heavily dependent of performance".

Servbot412022d ago

Fallout 4 never had me sitting on a loading screen for 6 minutes.

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