-Foxtrot3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

Phew....least it wasn't MGSV

Shame Bloodborne didn't get much love

Rimeskeem3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

Bloodborne deserved more.

Not saying it deserved GOTY but maybe it should have gotten something

-Foxtrot3096d ago

Unfortunately I think it's because it was an exclusive...while with something like the Witcher 3 it's multiplatform so more people get to experience it and those same people get to cast their vote.

Not saying how it's going to be 100% but it probably has some influence.

For me it stood out this year and provided me with a challenge, a good expansion and replay value.

Fatdrinkofwater3096d ago

Bloodborne is so good it got nominated for goty and lots of people cheered for it.

It got recognized for its greatness but the witcher 3 has so much more to it and deserved goty over bloodborne.

xPhearR3dx3096d ago

Not really. It's an amazing game, but they didn't really do much different from the Souls series or really take anything to the next level. The Witcher 2 to the Witcher 3 was a massive jump. They kept everything that was amazing about The Witcher 2 and put it in an open world format and made it work beautifully and then some. Bloodborne played it safe by sticking to what they knew was good and enhancing a few things to make it overall better.

From Software has a great formula, I just wish they expanded on it much more instead of small little changes.

-Foxtrot3096d ago

"Not really. It's an amazing game, but they didn't really do much different from the Souls series or really take anything to the next level"

I have to disagree I think they did, it didn't feel like the Souls games...in spirit sure but I never once felt I was just playing Dark Souls 2.5.

NovaCorps3096d ago

yea it should easily get the art design seriously

TripleCs3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

I knew Bloodborne wasn't going to win. It's an exclusive so it was already at a disadvantage in terms of votes. Not saying it would've won if it wasn't exclusive but it would've had a better chance at winning if it was on multiple platforms.

Anyway, congrats to CD Projekt Red. I haven't even played my copy of The Witcher 3 yet and I was never interested in it.. Based on what I've seen of the game the dialouge and characters seem very bland and boring, especially Geralt and he's the main character.. Only got The Witcher 3 because of all the hype it gets and I got it for only $25.. It's still factory sealed especially since I'm still playing the masterpiece known as Bloodborne now that The Old Hunters DLC was released but I'm going to pop this bad boy in tomorrow so I can see what all the fuss is about.

xPhearR3dx3096d ago


I wouldn't say it like Dark Souls 2.5, but it just felt all too familiar. I personally like the faster pace of Bloodborne and hope Dark Souls 3 goes down that path. But the combat, leveling system, items, weapons, progression, level design etc where all ripped straight from the Souls series. Which, mind you isn't a bad thing at all. But they really did play it safe by not straying too far away from what people loved about the Souls series.

I just wish they took more risk with Bloodborne. Especially since it was a new IP, they literally had that freedom that most developers don't have since so many sequels are made these days. They could have done whatever they wanted without having to worry about people crying they ruined Dark Souls.

sullynathan3096d ago

I don't remember the last time an exclusive won for The VGA's. They usually give whatever huge AAA game an award.

starchild3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

The Witcher 3 is way better as a total experience, in my opinion. Bloodborne is pretty mediocre in most areas other than its combat. If you don't love the combat there's not much else in it for most people.

higgins783096d ago

Never stood a chance. Being both a niche(ish) product and/or an exclusive put it miles away from the vote. A Game of the Year generally is a title which appeals to the plebs, the chavs and adolescents. MGSV or Xenoblade imho should have been tied winners.

nix3096d ago

i've seen days when Gears of Wars won GOTY instead of Okami. After witnessing that these GOTY means nothing. Just like the reviews.

bouzebbal3096d ago

Bloodborne is the shyyt this year! Amazing game amazing atmosphere. Sucked into it until Platinum trophy unlocked.

freshslicepizza3096d ago

uncharted 2 won game of the year award back in 2009 so exclusives do win.

we basically had 3 major contenders this year. bloodborne, witcher 3 and fallout 4. the problem with the souls games and bloodborne is they do not cater to the mainstream public as much as the other two. it's not because it's exclusive. lots of people actually hate the souls games because of their unforgiveness and i imagine some reviewers don't even finish the games. it's hard to recommend games that have such a love/hate relationship so i can see why they didn't award it.

ctmaudi3095d ago

The majority of the awards, including game of the year were not fan voted. They were voted by a panel of journalists and what not that Geoff picked. So being an exclusive or not wouldn't matter.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3095d ago

My vote was for Metal Gear Solid 5. Not sure why it's getting so much hate.

It wasn't perfect but the gameplay was amazing, the story was not that great I admit, but in my opinion Metal Gear has never had a great story, yeah the franchise usually has a lot of cutscenes but it's mostly just convoluted and unrealstic nonsense in my opinion.

Still I guess I can understand why some are disappointed and feel like the story was really lacking this time. I'm the type that likes an Epic Story like Final Fantasy X, Silent Hill 2, or most recently The Last of Us but games like that are hard to come by. Metal Gear Solid V's story didn't really do anything for me, except with a few bits with Quiet but it really wasn't till her ending part and her song that got me a little emotional. Other than that, the game didn't have much story to care about.

Corpser3095d ago

Lol at people saying exclusives don't win Goty, is it that long ago TLOU won all these goty's?

Tito083095d ago

@SullyNathan Based on your username, you should have no excuse in knowing Uncharted 2 won GOTY in 2009, when there was Modern Warfare 2, Arkham City & Halo ODST.

BLizardXD3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Interesting that a game of PC heritage walks home with the award. that says a lot about PC developers.

Bathyj3095d ago

Im saying it should have got GotY

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Grap3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

The Witcher 3 is goty no doubt.
Congrast CDPR

ZombieGamerMan3096d ago

The Phantom Pain deserved to win

-Foxtrot3096d ago

lol no

If there was an award for

"Biggest Franchise to Take a Step Back"

Then yeah sure, I could see it taking it this year

Gameplay it exceeded, everything else took a step back

ZombieGamerMan3096d ago

Well your opinions tend to be wrong so it don't matter

sullynathan3096d ago

@Foxtrot if there was an award for biggest step back, Fallout would have gotten it since Bethesda bought the franchise.

There's a difference from stepping back from a franchise and completely being oblivious to what the franchise is about.

slappy5083096d ago

No it didn't. Hence why it didn't win.