FutureGamez Review: Soul Calibur IV - 'brilliantly designed'

FuturGamez writes: "Despite its brilliance there are a few areas where I think the developers could have improved the game. The Story Mode for each character is amazingly short - I have finished some characters stories in well under 15 minutes, and that includes watching the cut scenes and end credits. This really could have been beefed up a bit.

I would have loved to see Bandai Namco include something more akin to the Chronicles of the Sword mode from previous games. The online mode should have also been fixed up to reduce the "Match is Full" comments which appear upon joining nearly every match, and then having to wait for 15 seconds or so for the list to re-populate. Also disappointing was the fact that, in reality, there are only two new main characters - Algol and Hilde. Surely Bandai Namco could have added a couple more into the mix besides the numerous 'clone' characters."

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