Lionhead explains Fable 2 money transfers

Rob Purchese from Eurogamer writes:

"Wondering how to transfer money into Fable 2 from the Xbox Live Arcade "Fable 2 Pub Games" due out tomorrow? Good news then, because Lionhead's been in touch to tell Eurogamer how it works.

When you begin one of the pub games, you pick a gambler to represent you across all of the challenges. We'll call ours "Bertie". You can stick with one of these or swap between multiple personalities, and we're told Lynch, Daphne, Maya, Mongo and Poe will be some of the faces on offer.

When you buy Fable 2 in October, create a hero - we'll call ours "Clert" - and then find a Gamesmaster either in a tavern or wandering wistfully down a road. Start playing whichever game variation the Gamesmaster offers, and you will be given the option to merge your hero ("Clert") with your gambler ("Bertie")."

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Fat Princess3808d ago

Here's a review for Fable 2 Pub Games from IGN.

Xi3808d ago

and it's still pretty good for a series of minigames.

GiantEnemyCrab3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Yeah, make sure the first comment is a negative one.

These are a small piece of the game and who cares what they score. You don't have to buy them if you don't want too, you can play them inside Fable 2.

matchgrade3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Maybe he was just trying to be helpful by posting a review to let readers know what to expect. No reason to try to hide a bad review score from anybody, unless you work for MS (and with each passing comment, I'm more convinced that you do, Crab) and have an incentive to dupe gamers into buying a shoddy game (F2 Pub Games, not F2).

Alpha_Gamer3808d ago

I guess that sounds like a good way to do it. I`ll be gettin the games at 2:00 am on the DOT.

KillaManiac3808d ago

Where did you hear its coming out 2AM? Not to mention what timezone are you even talking about?

Alpha_Gamer3808d ago

and this was posted 0 zero minutes ago. wow. that creeped me out.
Anyway, the games are releasing on the 13th. Since I live in pacific time, I am getting ready for 2:00. That`s when arcade games usually come out. I have been prowling the xbox forums, and everybody there is on the same page.

rhood0223808d ago

I am intrigued by the "Pub Games" concept. I will definitely check it out.

Too bad it'll be a couple of months before Fable II drops. I'm really looking forward to the game. So here is hoping I can get some serious coin in the meantime.

SwiftArsonist3808d ago

free is good. and im gonna need some cash for the game. good strategy by Lionhead Studios.

Highwayman3807d ago

Sounds brilliant! Hopefully it'll work like they plan for it too.