OXM UK: Too Human Preview

OXM UK writes: "Too Human has a problem, and that's aside from the very public war of words between developer Silicon Knights and Unreal Engine proprietor Epic that's been eating up column inches recently. The problem is the result of its long gestation time.

The game was revealed in the first issue of this magazine, a little less than three years ago. Arguably, if it had arrived in that first year of the console's life cycle, Too Human would have been labelled a trendsetter.

Vast character customisation options, a mix of melee and gun-based combat, hordes of foes at any one time, cavernous sci-fi landscapes to explore... stockpile them up and it's an attractive proposition. Unfortunately, Too Human's ideas have not only been reproduced, but improved in the interim."

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IMO Too Human is gonna be a game people love or hate - theres no room for middle ground here.

All in all i think that the media will end up giving this 7's/8's - a month down the road metacritic scores will probably be around 75%.

Still a nice score though and well above average. :D