How to get Uncharted 4 beta without owning Nathan Drake Collection

Want to play the Uncharted 4 beta? Don't have a copy of The Nathan Drake Collection? Right now there is a work around you can use to get access to the beta without a copy of the game.

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UKmilitia2741d ago

i have played the game and have it installed so i will check if i can just go to the drop down bit and try.

Bahamut2741d ago

Or just get the damn collection, because it's awesome :D

mrbojingles2741d ago

What if you're dead broke for the next 10 days?

Bahamut2741d ago

Look for deals online. I bought mine for $28 digitally via a deal I found on this website. Don't spend $60 on it.

XeroTheory2741d ago

@Bahamut "dead broke" sort of implies that there may be zero wiggle room in their budget to drop $30 on a game.

Wallstreet372741d ago

Went to red box got it for 2 bcus of promo code. Will return tomorrow and still will have beta because it's a separate install. Problem solved.

IamTylerDurden12741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Then ur screwed, thus is life.

generic-user-name2741d ago

Then maybe you've got other things to worry about than games?

gta28002741d ago

If you're too broke to buy a video game then maybe it's time to put the controller down and get your priorities straight lol.

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RiPPn2741d ago

@mrbojingles: Sell some blood.. :)

donwel2741d ago

Do they still give you money for blood these days?
Last I heard it was a cup of water, slap on the arse and a fond farewell.

UKmilitia2741d ago

i bought it and sold it on.
will rebuy later on in 2016 for colection.

UKmilitia2741d ago

because i got it for under £25 in uk,completed it and then resold for £35.

then i will rebuy when it drops back to £15-20(again brand new to support the devs)
whats wrong with me paying devs twice?

Loadedklip2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Nah I own all three on PS3 and they look and play just fine while also having more content (coop/online multiplayer, etc)

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ginsunuva2741d ago

Well that's just gamesharing

ocelot072741d ago

So let me get this straight. I can invite my friend to play the uncharted collection via shareplay. He then starts a campaign and saves. The install will then be on his PS4. He can then hover over the overview bit and download the beta?


Gazondaily2741d ago

Seriously? This works?! WOuld be friggin awesome! Someone invite meh p_p

bondsmx2741d ago

Technically you could rent it from a red box also. Costs $2.99 a day. Then download the beta. Should work

mrbojingles2741d ago

True. If you don't mind spending a bit of cash and don't have a friend with the game currently that is an easy way too!

Wallstreet372741d ago

I did this earlier, I can confirm it works. Look up red box Promo and you can get a game rental for 2 bucks. The beta is a separate install so when u return the game next day beta will still be there and usable.

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