Sony Revels in Second Place

Everybody wants to be a winner but in some cases coming in second isn't too bad either. Consider the game system market in the UK, which was dominated this year by the DS. That's not surprising. What is surprising is that the second best selling platform in 2006 was the PSP.

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Dick Jones5262d ago

PS3 isn't looking so hot.

Juevani5262d ago

its not out in uk yet kid..

PS360WII5261d ago

The psp is so far back in second they might as well be considered 3rd...

Master of Menace5261d ago

Great to hear PSP's doing well. I picked one up this year. Love that LocoRoco, it scraps on anything the DS can muster. It is a far more versatile system as well. And then there is the compatiblity with the PS3. It will only go from strength to strength. The PSP is here to stay.

Odiah5257d ago

PSP can blow away aything the DS has to offer. Especially that crap game New Super Mario Brothers. I'll stick with Lumines, Tekken and Gitaroo man pl0x.