PALGN: de Blob Preview

PALGN writes: "The Wii has started to receive some innovative new content over the past few months, and it's very refreshing to see some titles that aren't just shovel-ware and aren't just full of ridiculous and tedious amounts of waggle so that they can pull the last morsels of loose change out of the wallets of parents and eager impressionable children everywhere. de Blob is shaping up to be a sleeper hit, and potentially one of the biggest titles to be released on the Wii full stop when it comes to what we'd consider a high quality concept with great execution, and it's for these reasons and more that we believe de Blob could indeed be one of the most successful games to be released on Nintendo's motion-sensing machine. The fact that it's being developed right here in Australia at Blue Tongue is just the icing on this delicious multi-coloured cake."

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