Experimental 3D platformer Bound announced for PS4

Posted by Michal Staniszewski on Dec 03, 2015 // Game Director, Plastic Studios

Hello, PlayStation fans! This is Michał “bonzaj” Staniszewski from Plastic, a small team with demoscene roots. In the past we brought you Linger In Shadows and Datura on PS3. We haven’t got rid of our experimenting habits, and this time we are going to deliver something to you that is quite unique in visual style, narrative storytelling, and also mechanics.

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Geobros1239d ago

Its rare to see 3D platform games now days, its one of my favorite categories. I would prefer to see more gameplay to be honest. Trailer does not show much...

Germany71239d ago

3D platformer!
This is also the game from Santa Monica's teaser. The concept looks really interesting.

uth111239d ago

So this is what Santa Monica was teasing. Does that mean no GoW 4 announcement this weekend? A lot of peoples heads are going to explode, lol

Palitera1239d ago

People slept dreaming about God of War 4. Then Santa Monica happened.

I wonder when and if they will ever return to making great games.

uth111239d ago

It looks like a collaboration with an indie studio that they've been known to do, like Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

They still probably have an unannounced game of their own.

Wallstreet371239d ago

Santa Monica is more than one studio (i believe its two) so it doesn't necessarily mean that GOW4 isn't on the horizon.

uth111239d ago

agreed, but it might mean no GoW announcement at PSX which a lot of people were expecting (somehow) from that teaser.

theshredded1239d ago

Linger in shadows was frikin weird as hell

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