One-armed warrior kicks two-legged butts in Severed trailer

Severed is about a woman who has her arm chopped off and decides to share the experience around some of her pals, who are terrible horrible monsters. Hailing from DrinkBox Studios, the team behind the wonderful Guacamelee, Severed seems like a really good reason to dust off your Vita.

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eldingo1232d ago

i hope this eventually gets a port to pc or ps4 because i do not have a vita.

nodim1232d ago

gosh, then go and buy it

eldingo1232d ago

i have no intentions of getting a vita i already have a 3ds.

nodim1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

So what? How is this exactly keeping you from getting a vita.

eldingo1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Getting two handheld consoles is a waste of money to me that's why if i wanted a vita when i was going to get a handheld i'd of gotten a vita but instead i got a 3ds the reason i hope this game gets a port to ps4 and pc and why i'm not shelling out extra money for another handheld console is that i loved gaucamelee and when i heard the same company was making a new game i was excited to check it out however then i was bummed out when i heard it was vita only however i'm optimistic that it gets ported to ps4 or pc because they both are viable platforms for the game to be ported to and here's why,that useless touchpad on my ps4 controller would finally have some use and doing the same thing with a mouse isn't much of a stretch thats why i hope it gets ported because the idea of it happening isn't too much of a stretch and i really want to play the game without buying a whole new handheld console just to do so.

nodim1231d ago

And so you find yourself constantly port-begging now. You really did make the wrong choice, I see, what a bunch of wasted money, I shall send you my condolences.

eldingo1231d ago

I suppose your right having an opinion on the internet only leaves me open to be ridiculed by assholes like you so i suppose it was fair game.

TomatoDragon1232d ago

Been waiting for this for so long. Very excited.

Kal-V31232d ago

Day one for me. Looks terrific.

Kal-V31232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

"I'm not going to buy a Vita cuz the Vita has no games"

Games come out for the Vita

"Gee, i hope this comes out for the PS4 cuz i really wanna play it but i dont want to buy a Vita."

And people wonder why it's not selling?

nodim1231d ago

Insane world, insane marketing, insane sony, insane people. Nothing unusual here.