Why Destiny Needs Its Own Expanded Universe

Behind the veil of ambiguity, Destiny has very rich lore that deserves to make its way into books and comics.

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ScorpiusX1234d ago

if written by someone outside of bungie , then maybe but otherwise no chance .

Sevir1234d ago

Well writers were hired to comb through Destiny's year one story and back story then we're put to creating The story for Taken King, and also for Destiny 2.

Pretty sure they story and universe of Destiny will expand. Kinda posses there still hasn't been anything announced for it and it's already December. This time last year we had DLC 1 arriving just days from this date.

They'll be present at PSX so hopefully they announce new content with the run up to Destiny 2 next year Sep

SolidDuck1234d ago

Destiny needs matchmaking on raids. Firstly.

italian10x1234d ago

Matchmaking for raids would be the worst thing to happen for it. You can't count on matchmaking with randoms, especially for raids.

Summons751234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

So what...running around asking a bunch of random people and hope they have 6 hours to devote to a raid is better? At least with matchmaking you're going to get matched with people who want to do the raid and know they have the time to play.

Godmars2901234d ago

More lore that at best will be mentioned in game.

ninsigma1234d ago

The lore is actually great when you dig into it. I've looked for books previously only to find they have none. I'd love some books to expand on the universe but I'll so like them to make the story/necessary lore in game better first.

italian10x1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

@Summons75 I would rather use lfg rather then matchmaking for raids any day. You don't know what light level or class items they will have in random matchmaking. We can agree to disagree. You have your opinion on it and as do I.

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