Street Fighter V New Image Teases Announcements Coming This Week

It's been some time since we heard some news about Street Fighter V but it seems like we will finally learn more about the highly anticipated fighting game very soon, judging from what Capcom's Yoshinori Ono stated recently.

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pompombrum1238d ago

Poor Ono, thanks to people data mining the PC beta, I think he's probably had nearly a whole year's worth of surprise announcements ruined. Regardless, I hope Sony give him some stage time at their event, he's one of the most energetic and likeable persons in gaming.

viperman2401238d ago

I know some people want to know who are the next up and coming characters to be announced in the game, but to data mine the game and release the info to the public is just a crappy thing to do.

It takes away all the surprise and build up that Ono puts into his game.

They even kind of acknowledged it during the Paris Week.

pompombrum1238d ago

On the plus side though, there are many fans like myself who are really hyped after the DLC characters were leaked.