Rainbow Six: Siege PC Review: Tense, Tactical Shooter | USGamer

Rainbow Six: Siege's single-player mode isn't particularly compelling. Situations feels like a series of training missions that exist only to prepare you for the multiplayer main events: Terrorist Hunt and PvP. Fortunately, those two latter modes are excellent, and offer a great deal of tactical depth. Playing as a team is a lot of fun, and while the experience can vary greatly depending on who you're grouped up with, what's clear is that when everything comes together, Rainbow Six: Siege is a really tense, thrilling and exciting first-person shooter that has a very different approach and style to most other FPS titles. It's a truly strategic game whose very well designed environments facilitate some terrific encounters, from intense firefights in close quarters to protracted games of cat-and-mouse as individuals sweep rooms looking for one another.

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