Just Cause 3: 1st Contact Performance Analysis PS4

Our first look at the PS4 release of this ultimate Action hero simulator.

Watch in 1080/60 for the best experience.

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DonkeyDoner1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

so only when explosion comes fps drops?what platform doesnt?i got 4670k with 290x playing gta blowing 10 cars fps WILL drop,in conslusion ps4 stable on exploring while xone doesnt and suffer other issue like memory leaks and crash also both having problem with loading time, stock hdd is crap

Lulz_Boat1237d ago

loading times problem is a bug. isn't an HDD problem.

freshslicepizza1237d ago

once again it looks something like this

pc>>>>>>ps4 >>xbox one. the new consoles are already struggling to maintain steady 30fps on some games and at times not even able to reach 1080P (more so on xb1).

what's worse is all the buggy games (including pc). do they not have testing in games anymore before release? if it takes just a day to find issues like poor frame rates and things popping out and freezing then why is it released? online issues i can understand but there is no excuse for obvious issues that are not because of the online servers.

meche3341237d ago

Why hasn't DF reported memory leaking and freezing on the xbox one version. Just frame drops. Thats because there is none.

DonkeyDoner1237d ago

nxgamer already report that

MK24ever1237d ago

It's weird, I also have the PS4 version but I seem to have much more frame-drops, when I'm in a chopper launching missiles it slows-down so much that it makes the game look it's in slow motion, I didn't see anything as terrible on this video as I'm almost always experiencing, maybe it's due the fact I'm playing logged in?... Or maybe because my Hard-drive is almost full?... I really must test everything better.