Avalanche Details Differences Between Mad Max & Just Cause 3 Engines

DSOGaming writes: "With the release of Just Cause 3, a lot of gamers wondered why the game performs so horribly on both the PC and current-gen consoles, especially when Mad Max was a top-notch title. Was it because the game was developed by the New York studio of Avalanche (and not the Stockholm one that was responsible for Mad Max)? Or is it more of a technical issue? And why was Mad Max supporting SLI but not Just Cause 3? Well, Avalanche Studios has detailed the differences between the Mad Max and the Just Cause 3 engines."

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crazychris41241235d ago

Maybe they should have delayed it to work out the kinks with the new system. Thousands of people including myself arent reporting the same issues cuz we have nothing better to do.