Square Enix Wants To Make Esports Console Titles

Square Enix is ready to enter the world of ESports by creating esports titles for the consoles, not a whole lot of information was released but we do have a statement from Square Enix.

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FallenAngel19842615d ago

I'd rather Square Enix make games that can also be used for eSports instead of specifically designing a game just for eSports

3-4-52613d ago

Square.......Focus on bringing Dragon Quest 11 to NX, making FFTA3 for NX/3DS, and bringing DQ Mosnters 1 &2 3DS over before you do this.

Nilla_Nate2614d ago

Why not make traditional, turn based JRPGs instead? Just sayin'.

syotos772614d ago

Honestly I'd be down for a overwatch esque game with final fantasy characters. Could be interesting.

Ginpachi-sama2614d ago

Nice pls make a dissidia(dont know if i spelled it correctly) game for next gen consoles

X-232613d ago

There is one coming. Just look up Dissidia 2015 there's all sorts of trailers...the game only has an arcade build right now, but it was built using PS4 technology and has been showcased on the PS4 a few times, even talked about by Yoshida a few times.

So it's going to likely be a PS4 exclusive with a console release some time next year.

paul-p19882614d ago

I would LOVE an esports, standalone, version of Blitzball from FFX. Towards the end of that game I spent more time playing Blitzball than I did actually playing the game lol

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