Microsoft VP: 'No one' touches what HoloLens is, no other system going after it

Among them are the potential that lies within their HoloLens technology

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Captain_Wormy1236d ago

No one wants to touch it. Everyone else is going for something greater and better.

Kalebninja1236d ago

Lmao I was thinking this when coming into the topic. Honestly I think the tech is cool but as its own thing separate from video games.

nX1236d ago

Pretty much, I don't see myself gaming with it... could be useful in other areas though. VR is the thing I want to game with, especially immersive games like Elder Scrolls or Fallout.

donthate1236d ago

I can see HoloLens one day merging AR and VR into one device simply by completely covering the field of view with AR.

Once we get the device small enough, HoloLens can go with you to everywhere you go. It can replace your mobile phone and be much more convenient too especially with Cortana!

The next 10-years in computing is going to be very exciting.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Donthate has a point, the combination would be spectacular. Hololens is too expensive in its current form, but throw that and VR together? Done, bought, first day. That said, any other VR companies could do that with the use of 3 cameras or 2 lighthouses, something multiple companies have products made for. Wouldn't be a patent breach and is just software that that point. Hopefully developers figure it out first and keep it open to everyone ;)

bleedsoe9mm1235d ago

i'd say the same thing applies to VR

kitsune4511235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

The Hololens is simply augmented reality attached to your face. Almost every console from PS3 to 3DS has tried to implement a gaming experience into augmented reality and failed. If Nintendo, of all people, could not succeed, Microsoft likely won't either.

Retroman1235d ago

MS gotta lie to pump sales. dont see anyone but diehard x1's gamers buying this.

RiseofScorpio1235d ago


You don't see yourself gaming with it because you can't judging by all your anti Xbox One MS comment history.

D-riders1235d ago

NX you just gave a woody, saying Fallout and Elder scolls with VR OMG

uRaDecepticon1235d ago

I can't believe people are still betting on VR when it's failed miserably over 20 years ago.

TheBrit1235d ago

The fact that for a single person, or even someone that is not single, the ability to not having to or wanting to upgrade your t.v every couple of years this is a winner right there.

100 inch t.v screen on any wall you like - priceless. No cables no drilling no brackets - nothing.

hololens could indeed have an incredible future.

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Thatguy-3101236d ago

Hololens will excel in the fact that it will do more than gaming. When putting it up against Vr for gaming purposes it falls short. When broadening it's use to every day life applications then you can easily see the potential for this thing. I'm more excited for the non-gaming things I'll be able to do. Gaming on this will be pretty casual so when it comes to that aspect of it I'm not so thrilled

BlackTar1871236d ago

Hololens will be awesome for stuff outside of gaming. I mean it's awesome tech and hopefully someday i'll find something can personally use it for.

donthate1236d ago

I don't think gaming on HoloLens will necessarily be casual, because it depends on what you are making and if you can receive the inputs of a controller.

Overall it is just too soon to tell, but it is possible that HoloLens in the future will be both an AR and VR device when the field of view can be completely covered with AR.

hoju691235d ago

Gaming is, and has been for quite some time, about immersion. Immersion IS about taking you out of reality and putting you in the game world. Immersion IS NOT taking the game world out of the TV and putting it on your coffee table. Microsoft isn't pushing Hololens as a gaming device because even they know its applications in that field are limited at best. In the commerical and industrial worlds, it can be a game changer though.

JMyers1235d ago


Or the opposite because it will not have much to do with gaming. Like Kinect had many applications outside of gaming, and ultimately failed to do anything as a result.

D-riders1235d ago

IT reminds me of Google Glass in the ways it could be effective

Raiden1235d ago

Indie games will fly to this device, how many indie games are on pc's tablet's and mobile phones, but I too am looking forward to the non-gaming options, movies for one.

TheCommentator1235d ago

Why couldn't Hololens also be VR? All it would take is an extra peice of plastic to block out the environment around you.

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Dabigkahuna761236d ago

What if Sony did this just asking

Bathyj1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I still wouldnt want to play a game where the level was my living room, and the whole game was as big as my house, even if Sony did it.

GamingIVfun1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

It probably would not do well, just like the move controllers and kinect.

BitbyDeath1236d ago

They already kinda did with Vita. The main difference being Vita doesn't strap to your face.

But otherwise it got quite a few uses in the AR world.

IIFloodyII1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

It still wouldn't really be a gaming peripherals, so nothing would change for me, I think the tech is really cool, but I'd have no use for it, I'm sure companies will though, and others.

Saying that I also don't really care for VR either, besides that multiplayer Mech game, non have really interested me.

Salooh1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Speak for your self fanboy. I would react the same way but the way you fanboys act like everything is against you and then act innocent is stupid and obvious, same goes for sony fanboys. These topics have an opinion aspect , not every sony fan will act the same.

I didn't like how sony supported the vita and i did talk against sony in the same year they released the vita and i got tons of disagrees, those that saw reality agreed with me but fanboys really proved themselfs at that point now the ones that disagreed are doing what i did. Many people who like sony products do the same as me. I don't care about sony , i care about what i will get.

I am still doubting VR which is focused on games let alone something that is not related to games. All i care about is a better but reasonable experience for gaming. VR sounds promising yet needs to prove it self before i support it or claim anything. As for AR , i am sure a billion% that if anyone bought it for gaming will be disappointed just like what happened to kinect. This is not a feature , this is an expensive device, gaming so far use it as an extra feature because it's hard to come up with something creative and practical in the same time.

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Lennoxb631236d ago

What do you mean by greater and better? There's no other tech out there that's producing holographic images through nothing but glass. So what's competing with it?

Vasto1236d ago

No one wants to touch it? The top 3 companies in the world.


All are working on AR.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I'm going to get one of them when the price drops after they're all released, definitely won't be buying Apple, but AR could change business, laptops and and education if they mass market and produce it to them. This thing + AutoCAD O_O

RiseofScorpio1235d ago

Sony fans on N4G trying to twist reality in their favor is sad.

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lelo2play1236d ago

Honestly... HoloLens is looking more interesting then VR.

joeorc1235d ago

Well when you can combine both, its pretty darn Awesome

Bathyj1236d ago

I think everyone agrees that it is very impressive technology (much like Kinect), really future is now stuff (much like Kinect), with many implications to real world industry, but not really useful for gaming (much like Kinect).

donthate1236d ago

Kinect never got a chance to be explored in gaming. For instance, Xbox Fitness gamified fitness at home and is a huge leap forward.

Other games that have come that are great include Fantasia, Dance Central, Fruit Ninja Kinect, D4 and so on.

There is still a lot of potential there, but the naysayers killed Kinect!

Bathyj1236d ago

Naysayers? If the product was good then the haters wouldnt really have a leg to stand on. Two iterations of Kinect and the best part of a decade since it came out and still no one has proved how it came better real core gaming experiences in any meaningful way. Thats not naysayers, thats just reality.

Devs had plenty of time to produce a real game on it, it never happened. All they showed is that its good for dance games or punching balls away, not real games that real gamers want to play. You cant blame naysayers for that and its a long way from the bold promises of changing gaming that MS went on and on about.

Im yet to be convinced Hololens can be used well in gaming. Like I said its impressive tech with possibly a million uses. It could very well change society the way smart phones have. But gaming? Some one tell me how, please. I dont want a level that is my house. It sounds very limiting.

Even the on stage demo of that guy shooting aliens looked cool, but really the way he was ducking slowly away from even slower fire and plodding around the stage, after that initial shock value of an alien in your living room wears off, will that sort of simple gameplay be enough for todays MP centric twitch shooters gamers?

I think VR definitely has a lot to add to gaming as it can immerse you right in the game and block out the world. I dont think AR with its bringing the game into the world approach has much to offer gaming. Buy hey, if a game comes out that proves me wrong I will happily admit it and buy one.

s45gr321235d ago

Kinect will really shine once vr takes off. Think about it, the real world gets blocked off and now you are inside the gameworld. The gamepad/keyboard and mouse will become useless. Kinect works in vr due to body movement. So be able to move in a gameworld using your body will truly change the way we play games. I can't wait till vr reaches sword art online status

GamingIVfun1236d ago

Cool technology, but I don't think gamer's want something that equates to something like a secondary experience, so far I have not seen any real control type game play done with it. It's just a more elaborate secondary screen type of thing, not literally but similar in what it can offer to games. The price for it will probably be more than most would want to pay for that experience.

It's more suited to educational purposes.

s45gr321235d ago

RTS, basically able to have full view of the map and order troops to go forward. Be able to spot the enemy from miles away. Have a virtual chat with your rival or the nation leaders you want to conquer. It could also bring the star wars: a new hope chess game to life. I do want to emphasize that its real strength comes outside of gaming.

2cents1235d ago

Speak for yourself.
I'm going Hololens, day one my friend.

BallsEye1235d ago

Care to elaborate? Comparing VR tech to Hololens is like comparing a calculator to a PC.

Raiden1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Wrong wrong, wrong, and wrong. @Captain wormy

Good luck with greater and better

Firstly this technology is not for gaming, it was not created for gaming, it was created to do whatever the application is on the device, app's run everything and if a game is made for it so be it, this device is created to be a multitasking unit, I for one can't wait to be sitting on one of my long journey to work or home and just watch a movie on the go full surround sound, also since most of you haters of MS, saying games this and games that, just imagine a Bluetooth connection between your mobile phone or mini tablet to this device, your phone or tablet being the controller, you can adjust the size of the screen to suit yourself, I play Dungeon Hunter(V) on my tablet everywhere, now this is just app, so why can't it be possible on this device that was never intended to focus on games. Can you take VR on the road, are you free to move about with VR, NO you can't, don't get me wrong I can't wait to see what the gaming industry do with VR, but HOLOLENS, I don't see them pushing it, but I do see indie games making a big bang with, on the move big screen gaming, this device is a multitasker like your PC/MAC,and TABLETS, If pushed and marketed correctly you would see this more common place, it may look silly to ware out on the streets, but when people start to ware, depending on the price, who knows what possible and I can tell you, there will be two types, the one sold to the general public and the one sold to businesses and universities training hospitals and schools, I don't see any other devices offering this flexibility apart from your laptop, tablet and mobile phone all on a small screen.

Game on

Taero1235d ago

Well, if you're talking about being on a journey and watching movies/projecting game screens then actually I'd like VR instead of AR. Why would I want my game overlaid on top of random surroundings (which looking at the Hololens might not work so well as the 'windows' seem to snap to flat surfaces which aren't in ready supply on the move).

Wouldn't it be better to effectively sit in a dark cinema with surround sound and watch your movie, or project your games video feed up onto the massive screen?

Plus the Holo lens FoV is pretty tiny which annoys me as all the promo bullshots have shown it effectively taking up the whole area wherever you look as opposed to the center.

elarcadia1235d ago

While HoloLens is going to be very cool for gaming, I know that Microsoft is making it to use in numerous industries. Gaming, architecture, design, science, etc. etc. I like that they are trying to make something that can be used in all facets of your everyday life; it is an interesting little device, and I am excited to see where the project goes.

DiRtY1235d ago

HoloLens is not a gaming device by nature. The everyday use will be awesome and the gaming aspect is just icing on the cake.

Imagine all the possibilities with it... This device is perfect for watching sports, gaming and of course porn. Every TV station tries to sell you the second screen stuff, here the second is just there when you want it.

Brazz1235d ago

on the video game front... yeah, hololens isn't that big deal for games, there are much better things...

on other fronts...

damn, this thing is amazing, i can see this becoming a must have product. it's still early, and there are lot's of problems, but there is lot's of potenttial on lens.

UncleJerry1235d ago

@ captain wormy...I think that remains to be seen. But yes, VR is more relevant right now and certainly closer to consumers hands. But hololens does seem like it has cool potential. Maybe it will wow us, who knows. Unless they repeat the whole "project natal will change earth and cure cancer and peter molynuex talking to wierd virtual kids" thing.

zarbor1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Back in the days, 3D was suppose to be the future. It did get resurrected only to die a horrific death. Sony went all in on 3D and it was an epic fail.

Back in the days, Nintendo try to do VR saying it was going to be the future. It failed and has shown up again. Sony has gone all in and guess what will happen? Just a matter of time.

Augmented Reality was done with Sony Eye back in the days. Like all the other tech, it was cool but died. Now years later MS is making it look even cooler but outside of Minecraft no real gaming advantage. It too will fail like Google glasses.

JasonKCK1235d ago

All this is subjective.

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SCW19821236d ago

Cool tech but if the view from inside is really that confined I don't know how well it will do.

YinYangGaming1236d ago

Haven't we all dreamed of experiencing holograms? Think the tech is still in early days so to most consumers/users on this site it might not look as appealing right now but in a few iterations or given some time, this tech could be revolutionary

kenwonobi1235d ago

I completely agree. Like you said in future iterations. I believe it's decades away similar to VR was in the early 90's.

ScorpiusX1236d ago

Great how about getting it ready for the public , growing tired of waiting .

mkis0071236d ago

Was with them until I found out it doesn't cover the whole display. Not fully immersing.