This PlayStation 4 and Xbox One tool tells you the install size of every game

You have to install every game on PS4 and Xbox One, and that can lead to some full hard drives. This tool can help.

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esmittystud1011237d ago

I had this same fear but I wasn't about to wait. So I went out and got 4TB external HDD for the Xbox One and a 2TB internal for the PS4. My worries are over.

DivineAssault 1237d ago

I have 1 TB in my PS4 thats almost full.. Looks like i need to buy a HDD for it

ZombieStalker1237d ago

The problem with PS4 is that you have to reinstall all your games, patches, etc. when you install a new HDD. Wish they would add support for external drives.

DivineAssault 1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

yeah, theres no excuse for that.. Even Wii U has it.. I buy physical copies so the discs install fast but what pisses me off is that the patches are tied to the installs so if i delete, i need to reinstall then re download the patches.. STUPID! However its still my go to system.. You can swap all your data onto an external drive then reinstall

Master of Unlocking1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

I don't understand, why do you have to install EACH game, even if it's a disc-based game? What for? I thought the point of coming up with a new generation of systems was so that we could do away with what plagued the previous generation of consoles, that is, installs?!

Damn, and those installs are huge, too: 46 gigabytes for Batman Arkham Asylum, 62 gigabytes for the Halo Master Chief Collection, 74 gigabytes for the Call of Duty Collection, etc. Have people working in the videogames industry completely lost their mind or what? With a 500 GB HDD you can install only about 10 games! Now I know you can easily install a bigger HDD (on the PS4 at least), but come on, once you've sunk 400$ in a new gen system, you don't want (or more likely can't) sink another 150-200$ to buy another 2TB HDD! And you shouldn't have to either! That's really bullshit! Who the hell came up with that idea of installing all those huge games on the system anyway?

Broken gen again. To think we'll have to wait till next gen (PS5 & XBOX2) again for hardware manufacturers to magically get some common sense and make right on their-once again-stupid decision is cringe worthy. Dammit what the hell is wrong with those people.