Star Wars: Battlefront Trophy Guide

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s Trophy Guide for Star Wars: Battlefront! There are 44 new Trophies to earn here and unfortunately, a majority of them are online Trophies. Because of this, this Platinum will be one of the more difficult ones to obtain. There is a Trophy for reaching level 50, so as you’re working toward that, you’ll pick up most of the other online related Trophies. These are gonna take patience. It’s difficult to set out and accomplish these right off the bat due to them being online. It’s gonna take multiple tries to accomplish most of them, but stick with it, and they will eventually come.

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madmonkey011051d ago

some of the trophies are currently bugged for a lot of people btw, so it will be even harder to lpatinum.

htogaming1051d ago

EA did not hire game testers?

madmonkey011051d ago

the main bug i have come across is for getting most kills in a game of blast, seems to be bugged acros all platforms, loads of threads about it on the official forums, ea gave their usual "we are looking into it" response 3 patches in and it still is broke for many.

richard9191051d ago

Blast seems to be the worst offender. Updated the guide, thanks!

JoakimMogren1051d ago

i also have another trophy bugged, its the one "in a galaxy far, far away" its by winning one match in every game mode, even tho ive played all the game modes about 3-4 times and won all, still no trophy

WizzroSupreme1051d ago

Star Wars Battlefront sure has some fun achievements, I'll say that much.

richard9191051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )