Sony: We Want Sackboy To Be Huge On PS3

Pop quiz, hotshot. When you think of PS3 do think of Sackboy?

Well...you probably don't yet, considering LittleBigPlanet has been delayed many a time, causing more heartbreak than this writer would care to recollect.

But the title is supposedly coming out this October. And if Sony has their way, Sackboy, the title's star, will be huge.

"We want 'LittleBigPlanet' to lead the charge into a new genre of gaming and turn Sackboy into the next emblematic character for the PS3," said Sony product marketing manager Mark Valledor in an interview with Ad Age.

"We have coined 2008 'the year of the PS3' and are confident that with the launch of "LittleBigPlanet," we will continue to see the momentum build throughout the end of this year and on to the next. ... This is a very big title for us."

Just keep LBP on schedule this time, Sony. That's all we ask.

chaosatom5590d ago

Fall is coming soon, hope their marketing campaign gets a lot of boost.

DaKid5590d ago

So do I, people need to know about this game. I think it will be a great game, and can't wait to make my own level. Along with playing many of the levels from people here.

jwatt5590d ago

I don't see why Sackboy can't be big, I mean you can customize sackboy into most iconic video game characters. Now that I think about it doesn't even have to be from a video game, you can have your sackboy look like a character from a movie or comic book.

If the game is as fun as it looks then Sackboy is going to be big and depending on Sony's Marketing Sackboy can be even bigger.

I also think Sony wants everyone to get into Sackboy but pictures with Sackboy pissing on xbox live isn't helping his image.

5590d ago
MikeGdaGod5590d ago

i'm not very creative but i'm a great critic when it comes to things like this so i'm most interested in playing other peoples levels and thrashing them about it. lol

Bnet3435590d ago

When I hear the name Sackboy, disturbing images begin to pop up.

callahan095590d ago

Sackboy is by far the most perfect console mascot ever.

He is simple, cute, and recognizable in his plainest form, and still simple, cute and recognizable when customized to look like any of the other countless characters that are typically or always recognized as Sony characters. He can play the part of a Helghast, or Ratchet, or Solid Snake, or whatever else they want him to be. It's a great creation.

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Zerodin5590d ago

They said SACK! huh huh huh!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5590d ago

We get to play with Sack-boy;)
And the xBots get to play with their Ball-Sacks!!! ;-D

Lionsguard5590d ago

just the kind of reaction I'd expect from a backwater in-bred retard. HUR HUR HUR.

theKiller5590d ago (Edited 5590d ago )

every laugh u laughing will be tears when sack boy is released!

at that time shows me how u gonna laugh

he is probably "pp" and "ps3rd the Turd" and "GOTY 2007"

why so serious xbot?

nieto5590d ago

zerodin it's always the first in any article about sony. he really cares about sony!

just say already that you want a PS3 zerodin. ;-)

deathray5590d ago

SACKBOY FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bubble Buddy5590d ago

I want a Chuck Norris sack boy and a Chuck Norris level, just obliterating everything in its way.

Fishy Fingers5590d ago

Well YOU can make one and share it with the rest of us :)

Baba19065590d ago

i hope i can make a kill bill sackboy. would be really cool =D. cant wait for this.

bruiser815590d ago

I was thinking the same thing this morning about the kill bill thing, dont really have any ideas on how i would do it but i would love to see it done

geda5590d ago

looks like someone is having fun with the disagree button. get me too!

theEnemy5590d ago

Looks like somebody is jealous because they won't be able to play this game.

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unsunghero285590d ago



*awkward cough*