411 Games Fact or Fiction - LittleBigPlanet As A System Seller

411's Sean Garmer and Jeffrey Harris tell us what they think about this year's Madden, the viability of the Star Trek MMO, LittleBigPlanet's ability to sell systems, G-Phoria's results, being able to copy your games onto your 360's hard drive after the Fall update, and Gears of War's lower PC scores in this edition of Fact or Fiction Games.

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Captain Tuttle3723d ago

Loading games on the 360 HD is important because it'll cut down on scratched discs and dirty disc errors. That's the main reason I'm looking forward to it.

ThatArtGuy3723d ago

The disc still has to be in the drive, doesn't it?

Captain Tuttle3723d ago

Yeah but I don't think it reads off the disc so no spinning, I guess?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Yeah NOTHING is going to stop LBP!!! ;)

@zapass ;) Cool Avatar!!! ;-D

zapass3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

dude that was funny!

chaostheory3723d ago

They really shouldn't call this fact or fiction, it is just 2 guys giving their oppinions on about certian aspects of the industry. For instance they can not actually say that LBP being a system seller is fiction, because it has not been released yet. Same with how important the abillity to download games onto the 360 hard drive.

LiquifiedArt3723d ago

Also, it sounds like 2 16yr olds with an xbox fanboy bias (seeing as how they cant afford a PS3) writing nonsense on a blog.

This is what the internet has become, a garage filled with garbage and old boxes you need to weigh through in-order to get to the valuable stuff.

infact i'm willing to say ther internet as a whole has become a place for more Bias's, more fiction, more opinions, more arguments and more young adults-kids whose parents thinks its ok for johnny to have his own computer.

thekingofMA3723d ago

but i think the whole point/counter-point thing is because one of them is a 360 supporter and the other a ps3 supporter (this one doesn't show it as much but most Fact/ Fiction articles from them have them arguing over their consoles)

so you're wrong to say they're teenaged xbox fanboys, and apparently you didn't read it well enough or you would have seen that they think God of War is the best handheld game, MGS4 should have been GOTY, and that the Wii or DS should have topped the 360 in favorite console

while i agree with you that the internet has gone downhill, i don't how see how you can complain about biases when you are biased as well (but isn't everybody?)-and honestly, i think you only wrote that comment because you were offended that two guys on the internet said something a tiny bit negative towards a game that you feel the need to defend for some unknown reason (a quick check of your comment history shows your quite the LBP fanboy though, huh?)

pp3723d ago

Little Big Poo is too overhyped and will probably end up as a flop

Surfman3723d ago

ahah and youre Banjo Kazoo, if that is not a flop... i wonder what kind of success you predict to your exclusive.

Shane Kim3723d ago

hahaha says the one with Gayo Kazooie: Balls and Bolts avatar. There you have a recipe for a flop.

Eiffel3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

LBP Will Flop, Remember Haze the supposed "Halo Killer" they said it would be a "revolutionary" title Oh yeah it killed...itself as a categorical let down.

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TheAveragePs3User3723d ago

it well pown teh mario gamez cuz it is soul cools, i nevar got two play it but i assume it is bettar cuz ken jennings sayed it is, just liek i did weth all teh othre ps3 games and theirs 4d graphecks!

teh ps3 is so kewl cuz its in frist place! and it winz all side bye side graphecks compairisons ands all teh games run at 120 frames per seconds at fu;ll 6700p supre hd!

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