Warner Bros. is dropping free Batman games into eligible Steam accounts

If you bought Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, you should go check your Steam account. Publisher Warner Bros. today started gifting four free Batman games to anyone who bought Arkham Knight before Nov. 16.

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DarkOcelet1237d ago

That is the apology PC gamers deserve!

Septic1236d ago

But dont need right now?

Maxor1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I suddenly have Arkham Origins: Black Gate Deluxe edition in my library. Thanks WB but they're basically giving away a game with little to no value.

In fact I'm not even sure what exactly the Black Gate Deluxe edition is.

Activemessiah1236d ago

How about fixing it so people can buy it? don't they want money?? is it really beyond fixing? if so then that team really cocked things up.

Lon3wolf1236d ago

What happens if you already have the games they are giving away, do you get keys or something?

Enigma_20991235d ago

... wouldn't you rather have a fixed Arkham Knight?