Tom Clancy's EndWar Preview from Edinburgh Interactive Festival's preview of Tom Clancy's Endwar, the upcoming console RTS from Ubisoft.

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JEDI WOLVERINE3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Looks like a new and fresh take on a genre but i have some concerns........

Micromanagement is important in this style of game but this game i think could be lacking on this front.

Anybody living in the uk and have Virgin TV - on Saturday/Sunday there was a tv programme on called PlayrZ with this very game on show.

If you have Virgin TV then look on the 'catch up on demand' section and there are 3 'PlayrZ' programmes around 11am - 12.30pm on sunday 10th august.

This game is demonstrated quite nicely on one of these episodes - not sure which of the three though.

Sorry for the Essay!