Final Fantasy XV Developer Explains Current Development Stage, Can be Played from Beginning to End

Today Final Fantasy XV Programmer Kitade-san posted on the official forums, providing an in-depth explanation about the current development situation of the game.

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KingKelloggTheWH1238d ago

Hope it is good and comes out soon.

Takwin1238d ago

One of those things will be true.

kmeck5181238d ago

Please let both be true!

kenwonobi1238d ago

If I had to choose I'm hoping it's very good even if I had to wait a little longer. I hope not to wait though.

Eiyuuou1238d ago

Almost there! Can't wait!

ninsigma1238d ago

Well that's good news! Interested to see the full trailers when it's done.

SolidGear31238d ago

Well that's that. No excuses on why it can't release next year.

showtimefolks1238d ago

you can pretty much confirm a fall 2016 release. even square enix have said so, they will release more info about a release date in march 2016

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1237d ago

Yea they said before 2017 so I'm guessing holiday 2016. And KH3 a few months later in 2017.

showtimefolks1237d ago

I think kingdom Hearts may 2017, they will release kingdom Hearts 2.9 before 3

Square have made a habit out of remastering

showtimefolks1238d ago

would be my first FF game. i don't like turned based combat system. I hope all future FF games have real time combat. also hoping that FF7 goes the same real time route

fall 2016 is gonna be awesome

The last guardian

and hopefully a lot more.(i usually only buy 3-4 games per fall, why buy more when there isn't time to finish the games)

F0XHOUND1237d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 too probably! And the new Star Ocean game looks awesome too!

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The story is too old to be commented.