Just Cause 3 PS4/Xbox One vs Budget PC (Core i3 4130/GTX 750 Ti) Frame-Rate Test

Digital Foundry:
We've seen PS4 and Xbox One performance on Just Cause 3, but how does our budget gaming PC compare? We push settings beyond console quality, we overclock, and this is what happens.

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freshslicepizza1238d ago

the gtx 950 is a much better gpu and still very affordable.

what's clear is the new consoles are already struggling to maintain steady frame rates of just 30fps and also getting up to 1080p (more so on the xb1). it's clear both sony and microsoft were looking to profit early this generation and take a more reserved approach in hardware. which means this generation might actually not last too long.

previous generations console hardware matched and sometimes exceeded what was available on pc gaming. this is not the case this generation and one can easily build a pc for quite cheap that is more powerful than the new consoles.

ABizzel11238d ago

The 750 Ti and 950 have 2 very different market. 950 is a great card for low budget gaming PCs. The 750 Ti is a card that easily turns any desktop computer into a gaming PC even with those sub 300w PSUs.

IMO the 750 TI is build for console gamers, or people who have absolutely no idead how to build a computer. It's simply plug it in the PCI-slot (like an old school video game cartridge), go to the website and download the drivers, and boom you have a gaming PC.

The 950 can do that in some off the shelf manufacturer PCs, but your really need to know the PSU inside it, and unfortunately those who don't know about PCs, would have little to no idea how to find that out. With the 750 Ti it doesn't matter.

And yeah this console gen will last 2019 - 2020, because hardware is going to leave them behind. 2018 is 5 years, but the fact is they're making money (especially Sony) means they're going to try to milk this gen as much as possible (which they should).

Ultimately MS will decide when the next gen starts for the core consoles (since I don't think Nintendo is a concern of Sony or MS anymore). If MS decides to go in 2018 to get a head start, then Sony will drop the PS5 in 2019. If MS drops the XB4 in 2019, then Sony will rush to drop the PS5 in 2019 or wait for early / late 2020. Regardless both consoles will definitely be launching by holiday 2020.

So 3 - 5 more years with these consoles.

donthate1237d ago

It is kind of sad that a mere 750 Ti can beat the PS4/Xbox One, but then again these comparison is kind of stupid in the first place.

The difference is minimal and not noticeable. In fact, I would prefer they drop the resolution to get stable frame rate personally.

The increased power? Put it into making awesome effects and have awesome game mechanics.

Axonometri1238d ago

I've been gaming since Atari days. I've never seen a console out perform/out power what was available on PC. Where did this notion come from? I'm sorry but that is false information.

ABizzel11238d ago

So much for 7870 being a minimum requirement. As I said, and as any PC gamer knows the recommended and required spces are listed to give you a solid 1080p @ +40 fps, High settings (with the current patch of minimum specs this gen), or 1080p @ 60fps, High setting (for the the recommended specs)

Once again if you have an old desktop laying around do yourself a favor and buy a GTX 750 Ti, and put it in there and turn that PC into a capable gaming PC, capable of performing about on par with XBO and PS4.

MicrosoftMackin1237d ago

Nah get a 770(much better card)and psu for a lil more from evga B stock for people that don't mind used gear but u get a warranty with it.

ABizzel11237d ago

But you can't just stick a 770 into any old PC with those abysmal 200w - 300w PSU. That's pretty much why the 750 Ti is required in those set-ups. $100 is an easy investment to turn an old desktop (around 5 years old) into a capable gaming PC with the 750 Ti.

MicrosoftMackin1237d ago


A smaller risk if that person ends up not liking PC gaming compared to throwing down $200-$240 on Better all depends if that person wants to switch platforms completely or just try out PC gaming

dumahim1237d ago

Why is this a link to a video and not the article.

Lon3wolf1237d ago

Pass but here is the link for those that want it: