Still No U.S. Plans For Disc-Based 'Siren: Blood Curse'

"Siren: Blood Curse" may be giving "Silent Hill: Homecoming" a run for its horror money this year, but there's one difference: "Silent Hill" is showing up at retail.

Even though Sony has released "Siren" on a Blu-ray disc in Japan and Asia (with plans for Europe), there are still no plans for a proper retail release in the United States, Sony told MTV.

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TOSgamer3722d ago

But it does seem kind of silly. Maybe some people don't want to use up 8gb of HD space just to store the game.

DrakenSilverwing3722d ago

Already have the Asian version imported , it has both japanese and English languages so no probs there.

chaostheory3722d ago

If you delete all but the first episode you get to keep all your progress and archive information, and it only takes up about 1gb of space. When you want to play again you can redownload all the other chapters, for free and as many times as you want, they even include instructions on how to do this in the game. While it is a bit of a pain to do all of that installing again, it is a nice and effective alternative to having to import the disk.

himdeel3722d ago

...I didn't know you could download it as many times as you want on your PS3 after you purchase it. Indeed that's pretty cool given space problems for lowbie 40gigers.

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Kleptic3722d ago

it is wierd how they decided to do it...but whatever...the game more than makes up for it...