Xbox Streaming, Edge and Candy Crush Shown Running on HoloLens

Brad Sams

"Posted up on YouTube are various clips including using Edge to watch a movie via Netflix, playing Candy Crush and even streaming Halo 5 from the Xbox One. The first person video, which was recorded on the device itself, gives you a firsthand look at what the user sees through the device"

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1103d ago
The93Sting1103d ago

yep, yep, can't wait for HoloLens to play Candy Crush on it, best game ever


btw /s

frankdrebin721103d ago

Well,...a lot o people seem to think sales numbers dictates the products quality...the higher the sales number the better the product
Nothing is further from the truth, as you see here, Candy Crush. Probably played more than any console game has by a more varied install base.
Is it better than console exclusives?

its cannon fodder for a quick fix,..that's all.

NeoGamer2321103d ago

Couldn't agree more.

Lamborghini does not sell millions of Huracan's each year. Does that mean Huracan's are crappy cars?

NeoGamer2321103d ago

I hope people realize that HoloLens won't be cheap.

Unlike VR devices, HoloLens is a full computer. So, if people think HoloLens will ship at less than $500 US they are probably way wrong. The price of HoloLens is more likely to start close to $1,000 if not higher.

That said, I am sure I will be picking one up to play with and use at home.

PistolsAtDawn1103d ago

Nah I'm expecting and sortta hoping that it's not cheap (so that it's actually a quality device, not just made cheap to reach the average gamer target audience). I expect it to cost about the same as a SurfacePro4...and I'll grab one. I'm sure the first one will have a somewhat limited FOV, but I'm sure that will be fixed for Gen 2. The major thing I think HoloLens has going for far as pricing is concerned, is that it's not reliant on JUST console gamers to support's a stand alone computer with endless they can make the first gen more expensive since they have a wider audience to support it. In the future I can see Xbox doing some VERY impressive stuff with this.

sparced1103d ago

This is dumb and wish people would realise it will never be released to the public. VR done wrong. I'd rather play on a TV if its just a virual screen in front of me.

frankdrebin721103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

You sir are correct on YOUR would rather play on a tv than a virtual screen,..yet isn't this just one of the many options hololense can be used?
As for stating its dumb and you wish people would realise it won't be released to the are so wrong to think you know first hand what is going to happen with hololense.
It's AR not VR as you stated. Two completely different entities.
So I guess the dumb thing is to think that VR is ar and ar is VR is it not?

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