Past, present and future of video game machinima

Gaming machinima. Love it or leave it. reviews some of the latest machinima and ponders where the next machinima phenomenon will come from.

From the article: "Machinima is one of those things that becomes all the more curious with every day that passes. From the early days of fan films made in Quake, to Rooster Teeth's Red vs Blue series made in Halo and the Strangerhood films in The Sims, machinima's taken on a lot of forms. Even lately, as I reported shortly before becoming a full-time SG writer, games have been used to create some truly stirring and moving pieces of film, such as Lit Fuse's Jill's Song.

What's next then? The YouTube-heavy, shortened history of machinima follows…"

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nos4speed3771d ago

We all know there the true god fathers of machinima!