Monster Hunter X sales top 1.5 million in two days

Monster Hunter X sold 1,542,104 units within its first two days of sale in Japan, according to a Famitsu report. The number includes retail copies, download cards, and the Monster Hunter X Special Pack. (It does not, however, include sales of the download version through the eShop.)

Additionally, 3DS hardware (including 3DS LL, New 3DS, and New 3DS LL) moved a total 133,628 units, compared to the previous week’s 33,203 units.

Here’s Monster Hunter X‘s launch numbers compared to previous big 3DS titles:

(Note: These are all according to Famitsu sales numbers.)

Pokemon X and Y – 2,096,050
Monster Hunter 4 – 1,875,115
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – 1,617,949
Monster Hunter X – 1,542,104

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EcoSos33150d ago

Those are really good sales, I hope that means it'll come over faster to the west.

styferion3150d ago

I hope so too, but judging from past titles we'll be waiting for the ultimate version before they decide to localize it.

freshslicepizza3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

good to see strong console software sales come out of japan.

Masterchief_thegoat3150d ago

3ds is the best place to play on the go

Guardia3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Yes, That means that One Kid You Knew in Elementary School's uncle at Nintendo will still have a job! ;)

RoseSapphire3150d ago

When Monster Hunter gets made for a non-Nintendo console I'll be more interested. I'd be much happier with a PS4/Xbone version with fully integrated online play.

EcoSos33150d ago

There will be a MH online that runs on CryEngine 3. I also hope this one makes it here.


This is still the close beta and it looks amazing.

rezzah3150d ago

I hope it comes back to a PS console, been waiting since MHFU (Freedom Unite). I'd prefer the PS4 over the Vita.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3150d ago

lol okay

even when they support online already on 3ds lol

Neonridr3149d ago

Of course you would be. I mean why support Nintendo, when you can be the cool kid on the block and be Anti-Nintendo?

RoseSapphire3149d ago

Anti-Nintendo has nothing to do with it. The PS4 and Xbone are more powerful machines with a much more robust and friendly online service. It opens up the game to a significantly wider audience while also allowing for an improvement in quality.

Neonridr3149d ago

@BranWheatKillah - fair enough, I was only joking. The fact that you said a non-Nintendo console made it seem like you had other motives. If the NX is more powerful than the PS4, then is there a problem with playing it on that machine?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3149d ago

those wider audiences rather
play CoD, Madden, NBA, GTA, Assassin Creed, Need For Speed, FiFa and all the other popular western games.

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CrimsonWing69579d ago

why do other games pull off 3D monster collecting JRPG games just fine? Look at Jade Cocoon and Shin Megami Tensei for examples.

FallenAngel1984579d ago

Answer should be obvious.

No other videogame franchise is as merchandise driven as Pokémon


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