Is Geometry Wars 2 the best twin stick shooter of all time? reviews Geometry Wars 2 and ponders the best of the Twin Stick shooters...

From the article: "I was lucky enough to fall into a code for Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 (thanks Drew!), a game, I'll admit, I wasn't to interested in when it was released. After obsessing over it over the last two days and finally getting the wax on wax off achievement, I pondered: Is this the best twin stick shooter ever made? Can that be said so early in the life of a new gaming genre?

Granted, the "genre" of twin stick shooters is a relatively new one. With the release of Geometry Wars on XBLA a new genre of pick up and play, casual arcade shooters emerged and have taken over the offerings on both XBLA and PSN. There's literally dozens of them on XBLA and PSN combined. Not all are any good.

Here's my top five twin stick shooters for both PSN and XBLA that I recommend you buy, if you haven't already."

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Viktor E3746d ago

It is on the Platform with Too Human,the biggest Flop in Video gaming since the RROD

JoelR3746d ago

Probably No.

SSHD trumps the Geometry wars games in every way

better action, better graphics, better sound, better gameplay, even better trophies.

TOSgamer3746d ago

I hope their working on it.

Dissidia3746d ago

No, but Super Stardust HD comes to mind. ;-)

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The story is too old to be commented.