Gamernode review: Braid

Gamernode reports:

''Kyle and I have been watching (and occasionally playing) Braid for more than a year now. Since a fateful meeting with Jonathan Blow at E3 introduced me to the game, it's been love at first sight. As anyone who asked me about indie games (and later XBLA games) can attest: I could never say enough nice things about Braid.

And now, years later, Braid is released to the public via Xbox Live Arcade, making one of the most innovative and incredible games in quite a while available for everyone to download. Thankfully, people seem to be enjoying it. (I could write a big feature on certain people's reviews I've read who bashed both Braid and Jonathan before the game was announced for XBLA, but we'll let bygones be bygones.)

At its most simple essence, Braid is a platformer in the style of Mario and all of the Mario clones since then. Anyone who's ever touched a game will have no trouble figuring out how to run, jump, and defeat familiar yet oh-so-different enemies. Where Braid begins to separate from the pack (including the iconic plumber) is with what's beyond the platforming.''

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