Why I Switched To Xbox

A look at one writer's decision to make the Xbox brand his home for console gaming

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DonkeyDoner3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

"the Xbox is a great hub for a wide variety of games. From racers, shooters, action titles, JRPGS, adventure games, platformers, simulations, and sandbox"


its dead on xbox brand

Yi-Long3125d ago

Agreed that PS4 is easily winning in the JRPG-genre, and with Japanese games in general, obviously.

Microsoft does have (at least) 2 potentially interesting Japanese games lined up: ReCore, and Scalebound.

If those two games turn out very good, and (only) IF they have the original Japanese voices included, it could tempt me into buying an XBO. If they're dub-only, I honestly couldn't care less about them.

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dirkdady3125d ago

U switched because you write for a site called Xbox enthusiast. No?

jb2273125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

What exactly about Recore makes it a JRPG? At this point it could be a pichenko machine, no one knows what that game is...just because an Asian man is attached to the franchise doesn't make it a JRPG though...pretty sure Armature Studios is involved as well & they don't have a JRPG pedigree. Xbox has some great games for sure, but that genre isn't one of them this gen. Scalebound is also more of a western RPG also considering it is mp & co op focused real time combat over the turn based gameplay typically indicative of a JRPG.

Honestly if MS created more first party studios & put out more games like QB, I'd be all about an XBO, but this article inadvertently pointed out that MS is all about the MP. Not a bad thing but it's definitely the bread & butter for the X box brand over sp experiences. I'm still getting more sp titles on my PS4 for now, regardless of genre.

rainslacker3125d ago

Scalebound looks more western than Japanese. I know the dev is Japanese, but the game has a very Insomniac vibe to it. Lollipop Chainsaw is a Japanese game, but has a very western vibe to it...so it's kind of like that.

Recore probably isn't going to be a RPG, but more likely an action/platformer type thing. It'll probably have some RPG elements though, but I could be wrong since so little has been shown of it.

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3-4-53125d ago

Well to be fair, I'd say the 3DS has a better selection for JRPG's than PS4, but if your only talking consoles then yea.

The only thing really lacking that is significant on the XB1 is JRPG's.

They are obviously going to keep coming to the PS4, but I think the NX might get just as many when it's all said and done.

I'd love for Microsoft to make their own Dragon Quest type of game or something.

BG115793125d ago

Even the WiiU vas more jrpg than the Xbone!
What kind of argument is that!?

awi59513125d ago

To bad japan sucks for everything now they have been in a recession for 20 years now.

Dabigsiebowski3125d ago

I agree that most japanese games pick awful no name voice actors but to completely out a game because of it is a little much.

Ezz20133125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

"XBOXenthusiast.com: Why I Switched To Xbox"


pinkcrocodile753125d ago

I'm glad that Microsoft have opted to NOT cater for Japanese RPG's.

The market is small and Japan's gaming business is smaller than the UK.

It's time to let JRPG's fade into memory

indyman77773125d ago

@WiiUMasterRace every year JRPG's take up 36-52% of game sales in Japan.

How is it small? Every year it takes up the largest percent of all games in all of Asia, how is it small? You know Asia contains more than a third of the worlds population don't you? Just East Indian has 1.2 billion alone, and China has 1.4 Billion people.

Look past yourself.

UltraNova3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )



I cannot even begin describing how wrong that comment of yours is...Jesus...

"I'm glad that Microsoft have opted to NOT cater for Japanese RPG's. "

So MS was in the position to say no to Japanese devs on making games for the xbox 1 ?

Oh ok I'm sure the explosive Xbox one sales in Japan are the reason devs are so into developing for it!

"The market is small and Japan's gaming business is smaller than the UK."

Yeah because only huge markets are worthy of gracing us with their games!

From Software I think you should give up its pointless you don't deserve our attention since your are such a small insignificant market...

"It's time to let JRPG's fade into memory"

Of course its time the to let the genre that brought us some of the most memorable, fun, inventive and several gaming milestone games we ever had die, simply because, you know they do not bother with MS products!

You sir need to get off the MS coolaid, ASAP.


A guy who writes for xboxenthusiast.com decided to switch to xbox and let us know why?


Picture me severely confused.

AsGryffynn3124d ago

Needing the JP audio is rather petty, if I might say...

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

I can't believe the author put Xbox and Jrpg in the same sentence, let alone the same article.


"A guy who writes for xboxenthusiast.com decided to switch to xbox and let us know why?
Picture me severely confused."

This gif fits your situation perfectly.


AnubisG3124d ago

The writer of this "article" is full of it. Also, why do we need to have this on new 4 gamers? This isn't news why a single individual (who I'm pretty sure never owned a PS4) is switching to Xbox. This is a personal blog. No one cares.

freshslicepizza3124d ago

over 200 comments in less than a day, it just goes to show how active the system wars are and how much people voice there opinion of what they think of the xbox brand.

not sure what the purpose of this article is other than to stir up conflict between the playstation and xbox camps like we don't have enough of that already. there really isn't anything relevant about the xbox one, more about the history of the xbox and some key games it got like jet set radio and lost odyssey. microsoft tried to get unique japanese content but japan snubbed the xbox from day one and continued to do so even when they made a big push with getting exclusive content. they are quite xenophobic when it comes to the gaming culture over there.

the ps4 is clearly the choice of platform if you want japanese support however the wii u has some decent stuff too.

Death3124d ago

After reading your comments I was blown away at how insane this author must be to make the claims they did. Then I clicked the link and read the article. That's when it was clear to me that none of the people making comments read the story. For those interested this is an opinion piece where the author is talking about his switch in preference from Nintendo to Xbox more than a decade ago. He never states he only plays an Xbox. He actually still enjoys gaming on Nintendo and Sony consoles according to the article. The people in his gaming circle all own Xbox consoles so naturally that is where he spends much of his time when playing multiplayer games.

It's sad to see so many people think Playstation is the only platform that has something to offer to gamers. All platforms are worth owning and there is no "bad" choices out there. You don't need to own a competing platform to appreciate what they contribute to gaming, but it is nice to have first hand knowledge.

t-hall7853124d ago

I want everyone of these die hard jrpg fans to list what games they are playing. Don't just list jrpgs. List those that you actually play. This genre has fallen so far from grace since i was a kid. Seems like now you almost have to play with a blue eyed girl with an extremely high pitched voice, or a guy who dresses like the girl i just described. I MIGHT get ff15 but thats the only one that looks halfway appealing to me. But overall the genre isn't as important as it used to be. Remember when final fantasy was good? Chrono trigger? Secret of mana? Dragon quest? This new shit sucks. You can have jrpgs japan.

DarXyde3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )


You'd rather them NOT have that variety because you're apparently into genre eugenics?

And that is why Xbox cannot have the same support as PlayStation or Nintendo: they keep an open mind for the most niche tastes. Consider this: you have buddies who enjoy shooters, others who enjoy platforming games. Then there's one buddy (who's also cooler than the rest of you) who's into JRPGs. But he's also a free spirit and buys a PlayStation to have the all encompassing experience. Guess what? Now, to play with him, all of you need to invest in PlayStation 4s. After all, he's cooler than all of you.

Microsoft's lack of these games basically tells you right away that "these experiences are best found on competitor's platforms". It's basically admitting that if you're into these games, look elsewhere. That's very bad for sales.


Don't pretend to speak for everyone. There are GREAT JRPGs worth playing. Since you asked, I very regularly replay Persona 4 Golden, Persona 3, and Final Fantasy X. I ordered Disgaea 5 on black Friday (should be here this week) and I'll be getting Xenoblade Chronicles X when it releases.

Yeah, I still play the genre very avidly.

xXSilentXx3124d ago

wait till FF7 remake comes with a 1 year timed exclusive. the sales in japan with a bundle will skyrocket the PS4 sales like bread.

sonarus3124d ago

I consider the Xbox to be the shooter console. And while this generalization might not be 100% accurate it has quite a bit of truth to it. Xbox brand is about Halo and call of duty even though now sony gets first dlc call of duty is still heavily Xbox. Ppl buy Xbox to shoot other ppl. Which is cool and all but i like my games to do more than just point and shoot.

I have played more than enough shooters to last a life time and there is still no Xbox game that excites me even a little bit. Gears of war 4 maybe but that series already peaked as far as i'm concerned playing it a 4th time doesnt fill me with that much excitement. PS4 hasnt been hitting it with any major new ips either but at least i have No Man Sky to look forward to. Even though i dont really understand the game yet i will still rather buy that than any shooter.

Lot of people love the shooter thing though so they should get Xbox. Still best console for shooters just that i am tired of that stuff

ThanatosDMC3124d ago

Wtf and No. What a troll article. It'd make more sense if he wrote that article on a different website but Xboxenthusiast.com is just hilarious.

LackaJaKane3124d ago


Seems as if he switched to xbox in about the year 2003. looks like he started writing for this xbox site in 2014.

So mabe he writes for the site because he switched to xbox. No?