DiRT Rally Rated For Both the Xbox One and PS4

OnlySP: It looks like DiRT Rally will be coming to the PS4 & Xbox One realtively soon if a ratings board listing is to be believed.

FITgamer3122d ago

Very nice. I've been contemplating picking this up on PC.

Wingsfan243122d ago

I'm just waiting for the full release. Played a bit of the early access and it felt so much like DiRT 1. Loved it.

FITgamer3122d ago

Good, TBH wasn't really a fan of Dirt 3, so glad to hear it's more like original.

TheCommentator3121d ago

Oh god, really? Someone here a while back told me that Dirt Rally was a sim. If it plays like Dirt 1 it's arcade BS all over again.

Colin McRae was a sim. Rallisport Challenge was a sim. Dirt played like the center of the car was the pivot point. Codemasters ruined TOCA at that same time by turning it into Grid, which was also an awful franchise. Oh well, at least I hear Playground is working on something new so maybe we'll see Forza Rallisoprt and finally have a good offroad sim again.

Wingsfan243121d ago

DiRT 1 wasn't arcade...it wasn't super-sim, but it was definitely more realistic than DiRT 2 or 3. Rally feels like a perfect mix between the two.

Marcello3122d ago

This is great news for console gamers. This game is great, as of now i have 232 hours playing according to steam, thats a lot for me & the game isnt even finished :)

Perjoss3122d ago

One of the best driving games I've ever played. Codemasters have been a bit hit and miss over the last few years but this title is exceptional.

TXIDarkAvenger3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

Got it on PC. Really shaping up to be the best racer Codermasters has ever made.

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