Team 17 is preparing to celebrate its 25th birthday on the 7th of December

I know that it´s hard to believe that Team 17 has been around for 25 years, but it´s true. As the studio opened up its doors back in December 1990 (on the 7th of December to be exact). Anyhow, Team 17 is preparing to celebrate its 25th birthday on the 7th of December. And that means tons of fun for everyone.

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-Foxtrot2062d ago

Should have done Worms 5 to celebrate

BitbyDeath2062d ago

Worms VR could be a lot of fun.

TGG_overlord2062d ago

For sure ;) In fact, Team 17 are playing around with different VR headsets right now.

TGG_overlord2062d ago

Worms 5 "might" actually be in the works. I asked Team 17 about that, but they couldn´t comment on it for now.

bouzebbal2061d ago

Worms was a blast.. thanks for this article, i actually forgot all about this legendary series.

TGG_overlord2061d ago

Yes indeed =) I grew up playing the old school Worms games ;) Anytime! Don´t forget to check out our interview with Team 17 as well =)

brianunfried2061d ago

They made some great Amiga games back in the 90s.

TGG_overlord2061d ago

Do you have any personal favourites? I used to play a lot of Alien Breed, Worms and Project-X back in the days.

brianunfried2061d ago

Ultimate Body Blows, Super Stardust and of course the ones you mentioned. Had them for CD32 also.

TGG_overlord2061d ago

I do remember Super Stardust, my friend and I used to play it a lot at the time =) Nice ;)

BrianOBlivion2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

The Alien Breed Trilogy was awesome. If you haven't played it -it's a really dynamic isometric space shooter with fantastic graphics and remains one of my favourite games of all time. Happy 25th Team 17! Please give me more Alien Breed.

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