PlayStation VR Panel Coming to PlayStation Experience

Posted by Sid Shuman on Dec 01, 2015 // Senior Manager, Social Media
How will VR evolve the video game medium? What’s the number one thing a gaming VR experience has to get right? Will VR change the way that humans interact with technology? Those are questions we hope to answer during our PlayStation Experience panel “PlayStation VR and The Future of Play,” kicking off at 2:00 PM Pacific this Saturday, December 5th at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, California.

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AizenSosuke1235d ago

PSVR panel that's cool even though it was expected.

jujubee881235d ago


Honestly, I genuinely love nerdy VR talks from devs. Could do with more info from SCE as well, like VR system software and how it finctions and looks when one plugs the hmd into ps4

Muzikguy1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Yes I was already expecting this as well. I'm curious to hear and see more. Games price and release date!

ABizzel11235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Unfortunately I was blocked for the BF weekend thanks to calling someone one of these:

dead serious...

Anyway, Black Friday was the perfect time to stock up on PS Move controllers at GameStop since they had B2G1 free on used, and Move & Nav. controllers were only $10 each. I have 2 full sets now and fully ready for VR.

If the sale comes back up, you might want to do, before the raise prices in case VR takes off.

crazychris41241235d ago

Hopefully we get a price and release date

SegaGamer1235d ago

Is anyone else desperate to try this thing now ?

I'm expecting it to be great, but there is no way of knowing just how great it can be without trying it yourself.

jb2271235d ago

I definitely am...regardless of the price I'd need to try it out first & I'm fairly certain most consumers would feel the same way w/ such an unknown technology. Sony should ship out early units to every Gamestop, Wal Mart & Best Buy they possibly can in order to get buyers. Otherwise it'd be a risky purchase for an unknown medium. Really hoping I can get my hands (or head?) on it soon somewhere because I've been wanting tech like this ever since the days of Lawnmower Man & the Virtual Boy....the difference now being it seems to actually work!

kenwonobi1235d ago

Me I'm kinda nervous. I've played other virtual reality but not PSVR yet. I want this to work out so good. I have a great feeling of this. The very first mainstream virtual reality experience. I can barely take the excitement of waiting. I hope they have a kiosk in stores. A few displays at Best buy or Wal-Mart wouldn't hurt. I'm afraid of being too impatient and pushing some poor kid out the way to have my turn to try it. Lol.

Transporter471235d ago

Sweet. I hope I get to try out this Saturday.

DigitalRaptor1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Yes..... Ladies and gents. I said yesterday that I doubt VR will take huge focus at the PSX press conference, because you can't really explain VR well on a stage, so why dedicate a massive amount of time to it when that time could be spent talking about new and currently announced games and features, as it should be. You have to get people to try it out, or at the very least have a dedicated panel like this that has people working on the tech talking about it in detail and Q&A sessions etc.

This is some great news. Bodes well for a price and release date announcement on the 5th, with further details and clarification at the dedicated panel.

jb2271235d ago

I agreed w/ you...I think VR will take up a half hour of the 2 hour main keynote at the absolute maximum. They could announce price & release date there, showcase one of the biggest games that will showcase well, then show a sizzle reel. They will most likely devote 15 minutes or so to things like PS2 BC & sales updates, then we will have over an hour of solid gaming reveals & updates. I personally liked the PSX panel from last year better than Sony's E3 or Gamescom showings, just had a great vibe and kept dropping great game footage. Can't wait to see what they do this year.

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