Black Friday Football Fever - UK Charts

Black Friday didn’t seem to help Rise of the Tomb Raider (14) rebound in sales, as reported by GFK Chart-Track, as PlayStation 4’s Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (6) surpassed it with a 999% sale increase.

Meanwhile, FIFA 16 (1, 2, 12 and 16) managed to reclaim the top spot on the charts, thanks to a range of different bundle deals. And while both Star Wars: Battlefront (3 and 7) and Fallout 4 (8 and 9) dropped in ranks, the former managed to sell more than the average blockbuster loss in the second week while the latter actually increased total units sold from last week.

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Herbalistic1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

SE must be really upset about the retail performance of Tomb Raider.Its their own fault for releasing it against top AAA software and only on 1 platform.

badz1491237d ago

+999% for the Nathan Drake Collection? WTH? all of them over there waited for Black Friday to go out and buy it together? sold more than Halo 5 for god sake! good to see it's doing good!

Livecustoms1237d ago

People laughed at sony when yoshi outsold it on NPD, but what they didn't realise was, that Yoshi wasn't available digitally and Uncharted was also in a bundle.

Livecustoms1237d ago

I dont think they're 'really upset' as im sure Microsoft gave Square a nice big cheque however they will be upset that not many have played their fantastic game yet.

Dario_DC1237d ago

Good sales numbers all around, with the PS4 killing it. Glad gamers are buying games.
Tomb Raider bombed a bit but it was more than expected...

NewAgeisHere1237d ago

No matter how much money they got for Tomb raider from Microsoft, this is now looking like a major major flop in terms of sales.

Chivas111237d ago

Great to see the Uncharted collection is selling good

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