Target cancelling some Wii U orders from Black Friday

After the Wii U was one of Target's best selling online items during Thanksgiving weekend, the retailer has begun sending out notices to customers cancelling their orders. It appears Target sold more Wii U systems than they had to offer.

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crazychris41241238d ago

It's amazing how much all of these companies sell within this 1 week. I'm looking for a new GPU and everyone is out of almost every GPU, it's insane.

DivineAssault 1237d ago

Thats dirty of them to do that.. I guess people cant count

lobocob1237d ago

literally ruining christmas

LOL_WUT1236d ago

There's other consoles too you know? For a couple dollars more one can easily get a PS4 or an X1. More bang for your buck ;)

Munnkyman1236d ago

I find it interesting how annoying you can be but also find it entertaining.

WiiU-Dude1237d ago

I don't know why Nintendo wouldn't step in and bend over backwards to save this! I don't care. Nintendo would have three weeks or so to do all it can to pull from every supply channel to not disappoint those people. It may ultimately be Targets fault, but it could sour them - unfairly of course - with Nintenfo too. That's too bad. Sad.

Ck1x1237d ago

How in the hell can you turn this into Nintendo’s fault, as if Nintendo owns Target or something... Wow!

gamerb61237d ago

On N4G Everything is Nintendo's fault.

MrBrofist1237d ago

.......I have no words on how stupid that was

Codewow1237d ago

It's true Nintendo could fix this. They could manufacture and provide more of the console, but they are not obligated to do so. Target was told how many they could sell, they sold more than they should have. It's targets fault and they have to deal with it. The bundle in question is the smash + splatoon bundle too, there are still other bundles available for purchase.

freshslicepizza1237d ago

target needs to get more systems and not accept orders if they don't have stock, that is all there is to it.

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