Capcom's Judd on VC Bionic Commando: Nintendo 'told us no'

In this interview with 1UP, Capcom's Ben Judd tells the fascinating story of his start as the first Western-born producer at Capcom Japan and the origins of the new Bionic Commando games. But we don't care about that. (Professionally, anyway. It's a great story and we love Bionic Commando).

Bionic Commando on the Virtual Console came up again, and Judd reiterated his earlier statement that the game just isn't happening on VC, but not because Capcom isn't interested. "We couldn't get it approved for the Virtual Console," he told 1UP. "I can't say why." He said last time that it wasn't the exploding heads, and he didn't answer the question in this interview about a possible problem with the Nazi content (such as the head that explodes).

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PS360WII3772d ago

Well all I can say is bad call Nintendo :(

ChickeyCantor3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Capcom remade this game and that's why I think Capcom wont allow it on the VC.

The version i played did not contain any nazi nonsense btw....

PS360WII3772d ago

The story says Capcom wants the NES version on VC while Nintendo says no.

The NES version had connotation nazi's but never actually said they where but they laid it on pretty thick imo

ChickeyCantor3772d ago

Actually the story only says that they are interested but it does not say they want it on the VC for sure.
I still think it got to do with the Remake, Maybe Nintendo wants a port of the remake on Wiiware.

vashivihang3772d ago

if its about nazis, then why is nintedo allowing ww2 games on it?

i thnk it ahs something to do with their ego being shatteres because a remake of nes game is appearing on 360/ps3. damn nintedo, why?????????

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Zerodin3772d ago

I never got the appeal of Bionic Commando.
I didn't like it 20 some years ago, I don't like it now.

Smacktard3772d ago

Dammit, Nintendo. You truly piss me off sometimes. And I don't even care about Bionic Commando! It seems like all Nintendo stands for are anti-fan-services.

kinggeoff3772d ago

Are we to deny that the game was made just so that a few sensitive bastards don't get sand in their vaginal orifice?

Sad days. Reminds me of how they wanted to edit the twin towers out of many older movies which contained them, after the 911 attacks

Enigma_20993771d ago

God, I hate this type of s***... WHY CAN'T YOU TELL US?!?!?