Nintendo, the Wii U, and Sublimated Gambler's Shame

Being a fan of Nintendo's consoles has ups and downs, but there are long stretches where it feels like you're a beaten-down old gambler. You bought an interesting, novel product that would probably not succeed the way you wanted it to succeed. Glitz and muscle triumphed over your whimsy.

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Wallstreet371238d ago

From the article...

"There are lessons to be learned from the Wii U. A lot of the same lessons Nintendo should have learned before: more competitive hardware, more third party support, make fans feel like they aren't backing a scrappy horse with good potential that history suggests won't get used. And fix the branding. Make sure people know this is a clean slate"

So on point. I was against getting a Wiiu at 300 because the hardware didnt warrant it and neither did the games. I ended up buying it because my gf wanted it as she loves Mario and Kirby (she paid half too). This isnt fanboy bs or made up stories but collectively we have played Smash Brothers maybe for like 8 hours and she finished Mario but doesnt feel like replaying it (she even said she should have gotten an Xbox instead-we already own ps4). We also own Zombi U but we didnt care for it. It is now just sitting in my room with no use. My 8 year old for some reason hasnt enjoyed Mario or Smash as much and always wants to play lbp, Zombie COD or ps4 games. Its crazy because they enjoy PS All Star Battle Royale more than smash lol.

Im seriously just waiting for Zelda because that is all i wanted the Wiiu for. A kid Icarius game would have also been awesome! Ill buy Kirby soon for my gf but to me the Wiiu just wasnt a good investment and neither does my gf or son think so and thats hitting three different demographics (female, child and male).

Hey but its all subjective but damn that lack of third party support, trickle of games and lack of diversity is just a killer for me.

Sylth011238d ago

Well, this article was insulting. Never have I had my own preference in video games compared with a gambler's addiction and betting on a dark horse only to be let down time and time again.

There is no betting. It is not a gamble. No buyer's remorse or shame. I buy the console I know has the games I want to play. I enjoy the hell out of them.

Concerning the brand... I have always thought the Wii brand received far too much hate than it deserved. The names are as different as a PS3 to a PS4 or Xbox 360 to Xbox One. As is the form factor of the console itself. It is just easy to point at the name/looks and say people were confused. Do they get confused when you put an Iphone 4 and an Iphone 6 in front of them?

And, seriously, screw third parties. The first two years the Wii U was out saw third parties treat the Wii U playerbase like dirt and then complain when their games were not selling.

superchiller1238d ago

Actually, the article is very on-point. And your denial of its valid points is no different than a gambler's (or drug addict's) denial of his or her addiction, so you really just proved the author's point.

gamerb61238d ago

Lol lol lol oh the irony. Lol this is coming from someone who's addicted to stalking every single Nintendo article and gets high off hating them and spreading hate and negativity everywhere you go because u live such a super sad life and have nothing better to do.

I hope your not in denial of this strange insecure addiction you have and get some medical help.
I really hope you beat this weird addiction one day, I believe in you! You can do this! d;o)

marloc_x1237d ago


I think you are jonesing for some Wii U games myself😌