Sam's Club will print new Madden 09 cover for you

Destructoid writes: "If you're a fan of the Madden NFL Football series, there is a slight chance that you already know about the Brett Favre trade this offseason. Aside from making every self-respecting NFL fan cringe at the sight of Favre in a Jets jersey with a roster update, the folks at EA Sports had to do some damage control with their Madden 2009 packaging featuring Favre in his old Packers jersey. Currently, EA Sports has a printable copy of the cover featuring the gunslinger in his new uniform available on their website.

For those with less-than-stellar printers, there is another option available. Sam's Club will print out the optional cover with each purchase of Madden 2009. That means no hassle with PDFs for you, and professional quality printing as well. Sam's Club is also offering the game $55.55, which is a decent discount. I really wish I knew about this last night, because I'm currently having sizing problems with EA's downloadable version of the artwork. Either way, it's good to know that there are some options available for the perfectionists out there."

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PimpHandStrong3722d ago

only if they could change the cover to any player you want! I hope Farve flops in NY

jonboi243722d ago

That would be awesome if you can but any player on the cover. Maybe EA should release a Madden Cover Editor program. I would put Tom Brady or Payton Manning on the cover.

Viktor E3722d ago

The Ps3 Version has been confirmed superior by multiple gaming sites,it is a shame Xbox 360 games are lackluster in nature http://celinediontoohuman.y...

kornbeaner3722d ago

the link made me laugh, bubbles for the chuckle :)

PhantomMD3722d ago

What in the Holy hell does your comment have to do with this story? Damn fanboys come crawling aout for almost every news story!
You sir are a dope.

mhr5123722d ago

I got a sams club membership partly for the games they have. While their selection is slim they do have the more popular games and interesting bundles. All of their games are about $5 less but sometimes they have great deals. I bought rock band for my PS3 for $145 2 weeks after it came out. ($30 off!!)

BigKev453722d ago

I printed my cover already. Thanks Uncle Sam.