Gamervision's Top Ten Reasons to Own a PS3

Gamervision reports:

''I'm sick and tired of people complaining about the "Console Wars." Sure, it was good and fun when I was seven, but hearing people write off the Wii as a "child's toy" or say that there isn't anything worth buying on the PlayStation 3 is annoying and I am sick of the ignorance. So I have taken it upon myself to go through all of the current generation (consoles and handhelds) and give the ten best reasons each one is worth owning.''

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Common Sense3719d ago

The CELL Broadband Engine + The Reality Synthesizer = The best graphical setup EVER in a console as evident in HS (1000 enemies), Warhawk (Amazing draw distance, 32-player, FREE updates), R$C Future ( Insanely fun, Pixar-like graphics), GT5P (The most photorealistic racer ever developed), Uncharted(Breath-taking graphics) and MGS4 (Do I really have to tell you why it's great?).

theKiller3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

good one, bubble for that comment

@Victor E

nice website, made me lough a lot, probably not far from the truth! bubble to u too

why so serious bots??

TheMART3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Nasim, don't try to get bubbles on your 1.000.000th account aka Viktor E

You should be banned and without bubbles.



Now you're disagreeing with your multiple accounts???

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Here's my Top OVER! 10 List!!! -

Resistance ONLY on PS3
MotorStorm ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Ratchet&Clank:TOD ONLY on PS3 ;-P
GT5:Prologue ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Uncharted ONLY on PS3 ;-P
PJ:Eden ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Warhawk ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Super Stardust:HD ONLY on PS3 ;-P
FREE Online PSN ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Blu-ray Player(on a Console) ONLY on PS3
It's a Reliable Console(Like the PS1+PS2) ;)
etc etc

+coming -
Resistance 2 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
God Of War 3 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
KillZone 2 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
GT5 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
MotorStorm 2:Pacific Rift ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Ratchet&Clank:Spank Clanks Booty;) ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Uncharted 2 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
WipeOut HD ONLY on PS3 ;-P
SOCOM: Confrontation ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Heavy Rain ONLY on PS3 ;-P
etc etc...

+I fancy P*ssing all over a xBox 360 and Micro$oft at the Moment!!! ;-D
Shame they got Video cameras in shops, thats the only thing stopping me doing it!!! ;-D

TheMART3719d ago

AH Kennie

That's why Braid as a XBL Arcade game scored just as high as the highest full retail PS3 game HUH?!

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AlienGorilla3719d ago

My reason was the track record of the Playstation Franchise.

Having owned a PS1 and a PS2 i knew i wouldn't be disappointed.

And i already had a 360.

marinelife93719d ago

My #1 was Blu-Ray to go with my new TV. That and the black matches my cabinet and HDTV.

My wife and child losing daddy time because of the games was just an unfortunate side effect.

Bubble Buddy3719d ago

Mine was all of the above. Also the free online, free wi-fi, and great hardware. Sony just always had the games I wanted, even if Microsoft took some of them. + IRON MAN BLU-RAY = Win.

WIIIS13719d ago

The only reasons so far are that it is a blu-ray player and Uncharted.

Madgunner3719d ago

was Also MGS4. and i am beyond Satisfied.

Tomdc3719d ago

my reason was i didn't like the look of the 360 and all my friends were buying them and i liked it.

permutated3718d ago

"It doesn't have as many exclusives as the competition but the ones it has are quality".

Uh right; Haze, Heavenly Sword, and LAIR all say hi.

Where are these no-name sites gaining credibility?

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red_ring_of_death3719d ago

the dude is wrong about
theres nothing that compares to Braid or Geometry Wars 2
super stardust HD is better than Geometry Wars 1 and 2

PirateThom3719d ago

Yeah, Super Star Dust HD and Pixel Junk Eden.

zapass3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

I got completely addicted to pixel junk eden...
dunno what it is... maybe the music... if you get into the grove, it's a lot of fun to play for hours...

guys, don't forget everyday shooter: most innovative music game in years


Common Sense3719d ago

Seriously, any one with foresight knows the Ps3 is the obvious choice.

It's just common sense.

juuken3719d ago

My reason for owning the PS3 was for PS3 games, Home, and backward capabilities...which is why I own a 60gb console.

Plus I LOVE Uncharted. :3
I got me seven trophies so far. ^-^

fafoon3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Its been Good playing Uncharted Again
Damm i forgot how good this game is
Halfway through Hard and then Crushing and thats the full set of Trophy's for me !

cr33ping_death3719d ago

yeah well i got the platinum trophy :) my gf loves Uncharted a lot, she actually beat it before me and she loved getting the head shot medals.

Mr_Bun3719d ago

Halfway thru crushing for my last trophy...freakin' tough.

juuken3719d ago

Oh maaaan, I love the intense firefights in that game. I have a habit of shooting pirates in the head a lot. ^^;
My assassination skills have returned! >:3

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