Extremely Rare Spy vs Spy 2: The Island Caper NES Prototype Listed On eBay

Those looking to own a piece of NES-era history might want to click their way over to eBay.

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tamriilin2119d ago

This makes me wish that Spy Hunter movie would have come out.

derkasan2119d ago

All things considered, a grand isn't too bad. It's not like it's the Nintendo World Championship or something.

Still not buying it though.

dead_pixels2119d ago

Yeah, but it won't be staying a grand for long if previous NES prototype auctions are any indication. This one is going to break the bank.

ziggurcat2119d ago

I remember playing Spy vs. Spy on my Commodore 64...

dead_pixels2119d ago

The Commodore version was great. I put tons of hours into the NES version with friends. Not sure how well it's aged, but it used to be a riot.

iceman062119d ago

Me too!!! Great game!!! (Actually, Commodore 128...but still fun.)

AnotherProGamer2119d ago

Check out Spy vs Spy on PS2,XBOX

Really fun addictive split screen multiplayer game

I really wish they would re-release it for PSN, XBLA, Steam so others can enjoy this great fun game

stalepie2119d ago

heh, and the article is from "hey poor player"