Just Cause 3 review: excellent explosions, frustrating frame rate / Evening Standard

Welcome to Medici - an island boasting crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches stretching along the coastline. But don't let its stunning looks fool you – it’s every bit as deadly as it is beautiful. Enter flamboyant protagonist Rico Rodgriuez, tasked with toppling Medici's fearsome dictator, General Di Ravello. Playing very much like its 2010 predecessor, missions in Just Cause 3 often see Rico destroying or liberating enemy bases dotted around the impressive 400 square mile sand box.

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Poroz1241d ago

I am looking forward to playing this. :)

showtimefolks1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

its kind of sand that they didn't fix the shooting mechanics. they made them a bit better but it still lags behind when ever you have to shoot your way out

DarkOcelet1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

I haven't got it yet. Did it change much from Just Cause 2?

showtimefolks1241d ago

not much to be honest. it seems like they focused o everything but fixing the mechanics