Dark fantasy action RPG Fallen Legion announced for PS4

Posted by Spencer Yip on Dec 01, 2015 // Director, YummyYummyTummy

Hi PlayStation Nation! We’ve been burning the midnight oil creating Fallen Legion, a dark fantasy action RPG with hand-drawn 2D artwork and an intense battle system where skill is more important than grinding for experience points.

Fallen Legion begins with Princess Cecille standing on a battlefield, with her weary army behind her, gazing into an approaching beast brigade. The King of Fenumia’s threads of life were cut short and he passed on relics as well as the responsibility of ruling her crumbling country to Cecille. Among the king’s effects is a talking book that has the power to breathe life into weapons. This enigmatic Grimoire knows the truth about Fenumia and her home isn’t the idyllic kingdom the citizens believe it is.

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Malice-Flare1241d ago

gives me Valkyrie Profile vibes...

DarkOcelet1241d ago

Looks nice. I might get it.

audiocafe1241d ago

It's not Valkyrie Profile but you know what it's just gonna have to do

spoonard1241d ago

Looks pretty solid so far.

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