Gamasutra - IGA's Bartlett: 'We Are Not Spyware, We Are Not Evil'

In-game ad agency IGA Worldwide's European publisher relations VP and co-founder Ed Bartlett would have you know that his company is not out to get anyone.

"I used to be a game developer, so I'm not a big evil corporate guy," said Bartlett -- a veteran of Sega, Acclaim, and The Bitmap Brothers, among others -- during his talk during the Edinburgh International Festival.

"We are not spyware," he explained, calling that assumption "the biggest misconception."

"We're not evil," Bartlett added, for good measure.

IGA is apparently also not an ad agency, the veep claimed, despite the company's titular acronym presumably standing for "in-game advertising." Bartlett elaborated. "We don't represent brands; we work with them," he said. "We are gaming experts -- we know games from the ground up. ...We are pioneers."

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