Top 10 Fixes for Rainbow Six Siege Crashes, UPlay, Steam, Won't Start, Errors, Invites, Sound, Lag

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege on PC/Steam is met with crashes, conflicts with UPlay and Steam, stuttering, AMD issues, and other bugs. Here's a compilation of known working fixes to resolve these issues.

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Sensiblesteve1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

There are lots of minor bugs I won't deny that but I have to hold my hands up and say this is the most fun I've had on a game in months - it encourages team work and makes you use your brain for once in a shooter.

I feel more sorry for the people who made the game as they had a fantastic idea which has obviusly been hindered due to poor support financially from Ubisoft. The servers need so much investment and honestly the graphics seem outdated.

Hopefully one day they make a sequel and invest more time and money into the game.

Anyone contemplating buying this you won't be disappointed if you can handle a few minor bugs and server issues.

1nsomniac1237d ago

I wouldnt call the server issues minor bugs. When the servers are down the game is really nothing more than a £60/$60 coaster.

That's a pretty big deal!

vanity291237d ago

So thats why they gave put Vegas along with it. It's all starting to come together

Crimzon1237d ago

I think it's about time Valve told Ubisoft to remove Uplay from their games or have their games removed from the Steam store. It's ridiculous having two layers of DRM and Uplay causes so many problems that it's surprising it's still in use today.